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After the Oscars every year they do the Academy Awards and there's always something of interest something unusual what happens there you know no no host no big host this this year they've and going to host list our host will host last route once again now I only saw the first a few minutes of it they always do the best Supporting Actor right off the bat so I thought well see the opening number I just got to see Chris rock and and Steve Martin and they were pretty funny and they had some some pretty good music there and then they they gave the Supporting Actor awards Brad Pitt but but I know somebody who did see the whole thing because that's what he does and that's Kevin Carr who joins us now good morning Kevin good morning Michael how are you doing today I'm doing pretty good but I imagine your little sleepy having stayed up late night that so how long did this thing run by the way three three and a half hours you has always runs three three and a half hours maybe goes over a little bit but with our host you it's the it didn't like any time in the process they still padded out with plenty of things so it it ran about what it runs every year so this this a Best Picture Oscar is making headlines all around the world I mean people do pay attention to the Academy Awards around the world but but this is an unusual because of the the nature of who won the Best Picture yeah this is what was the big surprise I do a lot of people were wondering if parasite would win that was of course some odds on favor but of course the main odds on favorite was nineteen seventeen but it managed to overtake and that put it in the history books because it's the first time an international film won the Best Picture which was also it also won the best international picture ward and it's the first time you had a career and win for Best Director so it kinda swept into the history books in a way that people were predicting necessarily so that's I think where you get a bit of a surprise because I think there was a point where people's and put on the brakes and like wait hold on a second this really is a first in in Oscar history so does this mean now that that we Americans are going to start going to movies that have subtitles where we have to read a long well you know what I've done I don't know whether that's going to make that change of course that you had the the the they do have some titles for the for the speeches they have interpreters there but I think the rank and file American you're still going to have a tough time selling the subtitles just because that's not as much of a mainstream thing right now even there's not a lot of money mainstream people seeing parasite although every now then you do get a movie that raises about that if you remember gosh twenty years ago or so you had crouching tiger hidden dragon become a major hit in the US and was an Oscar contender in that one was also not make sure to the director of parasite down bong joon ho also won for Best Director which is as it should be and best screenplay so what what was it about this movie it's described as a class satire which doesn't exactly sound always necessary like all that's a fun time so what is it about this movie that everybody liked well I think it's certainly addresses other certain level of a political nature being about the class system it's very much steeped in Korean culture because of it being a Korean film I don't think that when they made this movie even though in his films have gone to American done quite well I don't think they're actually making this movie in planning on winning the Oscar are having to be as big of an international success but I think it's because of some of the statement to make it's also an entertaining film it's interesting it's dark and it's a little bit bizarre at times I I do think that a certain point of it being in the international still makes it even though it is a political statement it makes it less of an American political statement so it doesn't seem as pushy with the politics when you see this film but it does have a message stuff buried him so he doesn't stand you not supposed to cut up the Oscar is that correct yeah yeah yeah I I'm I'm hoping that's good apps well he said he wanted to date chop it up and give and give pieces to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and Sam Mendes and Todd Phillips who were the other nominees I just you know if they explain why he was very gracious you could have just taken a broken off pieces at the end of it around that if you do not put your money where your mouth all right so now I guess that they didn't think were you surprised by any of the acting awards no actually what was funny as I was watching it every every single word of the of the major ones that I had predicted I'm like I was right now that I'm a genius I was right on that of a genius and then the one I did predict was nineteen seventy the win and it didn't so bye bye lock on being a full genius did not but yeah I I thought that all four of those awards in terms of acting when exactly were expected and exactly what was deserved for for the performance of the debt all right so let's go through a Best Actor of course Joaquin Phoenix it in the joker I I it's funny because it's not the first time somebody's one for playing the other the joker character we know he's ledger what Los one pose him to sleep but this was a great performance and I mean really transformed and that's I think what really clicked out and win gave him go up against some of the big names all right and Best Actress and they still call actress which surprises me but okay Best Actress well I think that's that's a rather than saying Best Actor female it is less awkward he it's less awkward if not politically correct but I think everyone was ex that was no surprise that result order one for Judy simply because she had been picking up all the way through the season and and it's a well deserved Oscar and I said this before the movie is great but her performance is fantastic all right Sir how was the show this year as I say now I only watched basically up until the first commercial then you know I did there were two other things like you know sleep so how was the show with the I saw Steve Martin Chris rock and because they killed yeah they they they killed and and I think it's funny that they they said all right have a holes but they simply put together the elements that you would have for a host at the beginning with a with Martin rock and then of course the big opening branch number I the show it's about as well as it did last year I remember when they did the show last year and everybody was worried not having a host was going to hold it back but I actually think it it moves a little smoother could you don't get too many of those forced awkward moments and I've talked about like when Jimmy Kimmel took everyone decided that couple years ago and went to another theater or do in the attic selfie or he's bringing peace to the audience would just kill clever but it does feel like it's a diversion from the show and it felt like it was little more on task this year all right well another one for the history books I guess and will be looking back at this and wondering well what what's going to happen next year is going to get Best Picture all right thanks.

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