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Brian Windhorst of Warner media Turner, sports and ESPN respectively about the I honestly we could start from Wednesday night. We're Durant's calf gave way letting us all to believe. Maybe for a moment. It was his achilles that gave way and the warriors beat the rockets anyway that night as the old free Hamptons five what do we call them the Oakland four. So we call them just to OG, right? The the predate rant warriors showed up and then closed out the rockets on Friday when the Lakers hired Frank Vogel, and Jason Kidd to be head coach and assistant coach respectively, and is Brian Windhorst to pointed out, they didn't have a formal interview with Vogel until the day before they actually hired him. That's the night as well that we saw. Aw, a game seven forced between the blazers and the nuggets creating two games sevens. On Sunday remarkably neither of them warriors rockets because the warriors closed the rockets out on Friday and then two game sevens yesterday bolt decided by six or fewer points. That's a I in NBA history. That's never happened on the same day with game sevens. And then game seven that ended with a buzzer beater for the first time ever. And then today John beeline volts Myanmar for the Cleveland Cavaliers? Holy crap. It's the only way I it is the most dramatic. I think weekend in NBA history. And I know that we're not close to the championship round right now. But how can you beat this? Our poll question is it currently stands here? I want to get to a couple of phone calls before the the the news that does have the latest on Kevin Durant for game one and his availability against the blazers. What was the biggest surprise excuse me from the NBA this weekend? John leaving Michigan for Cleveland. Thirty eight percent away a shocker Lakers higher Frank Vogel. Seventeen percent game winner. Fifteen percent, boys. Irs comeback. Fifteen percent warriors beat the rockets without Durant. Fourteen percent while we're going to get again your phone calls. Joining us in studio in our in our middle segment this hour coming right up the meat of this hour. The guy who plays Joan Ryan on veep or should use a past tense as veep series concluded last night EBay daily funny program, Timothy Simon's who was a longtime friend of this program. Even though he's never physically been in this show studio when we had a relationship with funnier die, we created a. A mock documentary on finding out who is the guy who screams getting the holy golf tournaments and he kindly played that guy his wife played by your girlfriend. Indeed, the very funny serotonin. So Timothy Simon's is here, and I can't wait to have a chat with him. Especially since last time. I saw him was on a very rainy day Riviera Country Club for the pro-am for the Genesis open. He and I played in the same group as you guys do with Adam Scott, we did really. Well, I thought I don't think we want it. But we had a fun day on the golf course together. So lots to talk about with him in a second. Let's just in a couple of phone calls here lawn in Los Angeles been waiting over an hour. What's up how you been? How you doing good? What's going on? Few days. With the exception of the big band. Boston. Bruins. Walls made me sick. Seventy gain that way. I'm be in any criticism that he did from people that. Anything never compete for anything with a passion. Fashion and you want something so bad. And you lose you supposed to feel that way or you just don't care. Moaning well put and I'm sorry that that that that happened to your teams. Do you want one of those bro hug through the through the screen and the radio on the phone right now? I'm still from the ram in the Super Bowl. Gosh. So I'm higher. You was my doctor seal. Okay. Is coming to see a regular basis. Let's do your hourly rate. I need to try to get over this. While you've been calling for a long time. The rate is grads Lana. Here comes to give you one of those hugs tap tap on the back, and then and then we stopped right? So feel feel better this loan in Los Angeles had no idea. He was the Drake of the rich Eisen show calling satellite there. Although, hey, Drake, man. Drake's love and live head Jake. Finally, got a doubt. And I now that he's off the phone line. And I saw it a TJ and all the Philadelphia sports fans in this regard. But where have I heard? A walk off series ending dagger gutting dagger don't do it to the Philadelphia sports fans that happened in Toronto Toronto. Ooh. John swing. Bluejays repeated as World Series champions. You'll never hit a bigger home on in your life. Game..

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