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I believe we have a responsibility. To subpoena at the very least, Mark. Before we moved to vote. Senator Richard Blumenthal's? Request was voted down one pivotal vote on that matter is in Republican Senator Jeff flake says he will vote yes. To confirm supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh flake released a statement saying he left yesterday's hearing on sex assault allegations against cavenaugh with this much doubt as certainty, but he's prepared to support the nomination based on Kavanagh's view of the law. Injudicious record still no word from other key swing boats, including Republicans, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, that's ABC's. Kenneth Moton reporting Columbus police chief Kim now asking the FBI for help investigating the police vice units Columbus police chief once federal help to expose possible corruption within the vice squad vice officer, Andrew Mitchell is relieved of duty is evidence is developed an investigation that is three weeks old several incidents, but two recent high profile ones involving Mitchell and other officers one including the police involved shooting leading to the death of a woman during a prostitution. Sting another involving the arrest of adult film star. Stormy Daniels in July, Jared, alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN. AP customers will be seeing monthly Bill reductions after the company released reached a settlement with the public utilities commission of Ohio APA getting over six hundred million dollars in Bill credits from tax savings, which will then be passed down to customers settlement was reached. According to rules, set by the tax cuts issue by congress last year customers using an estimated one thousand kilowatt hours can expect to see their bills reduced by just under four dollars a month. The CDC says eighty thousand Americans died from the flu last season. He was surgeon general Dr Jerome Adams expressed some frustration over that number at a recent press conference. I gotta tell ya. I'm tired of hearing people say, well, I didn't get sick. And I didn't get the flu shot those eighty thousand people who died last year from the flu guess what they got the flu from the flu killed more people than traffic collisions gun violence and opioid overdoses last year, spike and flu doubts a severe flu season usually kills less than sixty thousand America. The CDC pins the increase on the H three virus? It's usually deadly among.

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