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For the Mets right hander Matt Harvey and everyone I've how rose along with Wayne rand dazzle Josh Lewin has the night off this is game three the teams split the first two in Los Angeles you no doubt know the scenario by now with the late slide of chase Utley leading not only to a Dodger win but ultimately a suspension which Utley is appealing somewhat curiously the appeal will not be heard until at least Wednesday so oddly is eligible to play not only tonight but assuming that appeal does not take place until Wednesday tomorrow night in game for the Dodgers are in the midst of being introduced who is from mark McGwire their pool the coaches so by the time we get down the line about a half dozen players to chase Utley well the one player who needs no introduction probably doesn't want one but he's going to get one and he will be booed as villainous Lee is Pete rose or even John rocker in the moments when they had center stage not in this park but of course at Shea Stadium because this is the first postseason game ever played here at Citi field and after the events of the last twenty four to forty eight hours the wait might see more returnable then the six and a half years since this ball park open they're getting close to the introduction of Buckley so let's listen in on the canciones number seventeen catcher AJ Ellis number twenty one pitchers Zach drinking number twenty two pitcher Clayton Kershaw number twenty six infielder chase Utley number twenty seven L. fielder Justin Luciano very interestingly public address announcer Alex Anthony allowed the crowd to voice their feelings about historically the best of it can be said is that nothing or no one came out of the stands that's about all J. simply is going to be here yes of course he gets into this game there is no guarantee that he will because he is not in the starting lineup will take a look at the line up the pitching matchup and a whole lot more as we get you set for game three of the division series great and suicide rusty started just threw out the first pitch I would imagine that a ceremonial toss in a playoff game was about the furthest thing from Christie's fine just couple weeks ago when he suffered a heart attack over in Ireland and stayed there for a few days before being transported to New York you never know he looks pretty good considering worries recently first pitch is you could probably hear way the focus turned slowly to fix Dodgers in the middle third game leaving for in seat here at Citi field with the Dodgers it's Brett Anderson the sinker balling left hander we say sicker bowling his ground ball rate in the major leagues this year as for the thirds businesses were delivered in a ground ball scenarios panders intended nine this year for the Dodgers he made thirty one starts that was a career high he has never faced the **** is career and certainly he's never pitched here at Citi field before you spent most of his career at the American Hey Matt Harvey gets the start for the Mets Harvey and the Mets didn't really have an idea to start here tonight a few weeks ago sixty five innings on September twentieth against the Yankees pulled out of that game because of concerns in a statement it's count for the fans were up in Cincinnati to try to win the NL east said he wanted the ball he got it six eight two thirds innings their rewards six innings in his last start against Washington at eleven strikeouts heartbeat locked and loaded for this game restart wanted one this year against the Dodgers tonight starting lineup for the Dodgers how we can drink will be their leadoff batter and play second base tonight she suddenly booed mercilessly by the crowd here at Citi field will not be in the lineup as it's the star Kendrick has been hitting well so in this post season three hits in his first eight at bats as the umpires take the field to get ready to exchange the lineup cards with the managers tonight they were food pretty soundly on their way out toward home plate Jimmy Rollins gets the start at short for the Dodgers first start for roll into this series Corey Seager had been the shortstop up until this game Rollins of course another ex Philly may be a more loot extremely up until a couple of days ago that even she sadly is wrong it's bad today to hold tonight Adrian Gonzalez has struck out six times in the first two games of the series he also S. three R. B. I.'s had the big go ahead two run double on Saturday in game two Ben solace in her space batting third former man Justin Turner it's clean up and placed third base Turner four four eight with three doubles so far in this series Andre Ethier is in right field eight there is batting fifth Carl Crawford is in left field and batting in the six body us money gone down not been hitting whatsoever in the last several weeks but once again don Mattingly goes to ground down the catcher's spot he'll bat seven PK Hernandez had very very good at bats in game two was the starting center fielder he's back getting their older jock Peterson tonight and as bad say that on the mound for the Dodgers batting night they're left handed hurler in game three the only starter as it turns out in this series for the Dodgers not named her show or great key read Anderson gets the start tonight it will be cursed all regardless of the outcome of this game and game for tomorrow Curtis Granderson will started off on the men's side Granderson he's in right field speaking of rated bats Granderson for for six so far in this N. L. T. S. the captain David Wright plays third base it bad second right the only man remaining from the Shea Stadium playoff days lasted two thousand six right out there but the city field playoff debut tonight at second Daniel Murphy is at second base he bats third assessment is broke a seventeen game formerly Stroud at game two of the NLDS Cespedes in left field tonight as it moves over from center advanced clean up Lucas Duda is at first base due to low hit tonight Brett Anderson does give up some home runs to left handed hitters we'll keep an eye out for that tonight against the lefty Anderson Travis d'arnaud is hitting six and doing the catching tonight Wilmer Flores is the shortstop for the beds in there with the ruling out for the rest of this post season broken fibula tada sidelined by chase Utley on Saturdays so explore as did the majority of the starting at shortstop this year except or is it in center field tonight six eight the gold glove award winner in center field in two thousand fourteen will make his first start of the post season here tonight and it's bad Harvey on the mound for the Mets batting ninth Harvey this season was outstanding thirteen eighty two seventy one ER ray a lot of questions on what Harvey would look like coming back from Tommy John surgery a lot of upkeep on his innings especially toward the end he ended up working for one hundred eighty nine and a third innings a career high for Harvey one hundred eighty eight strikeouts on the season putting the eleven he had in his last start of the regular season against Washington Harvey and for August starts at eight zero three three E. R. A. I had a couple of rough outings in early September but overall in his last eleven outings of the regular season Harvey posted at two fifteen P. R. eight Allen's wanted Harvey out there tonight the new game three would be the swing game in this type of series all tied up at one and it's the Mets ace Matt Harvey out there on the mound tonight is how we can drink gets ready to head toward the padding box to open game three of this National League division series we handed off to the radio voice of the New York Mets how we wrote all right away thank you very much and truthfully Matt Harvey getting the starting game three has been spotted out for well over a month now defense news that in a five game series they only have more B. once Collins has said for a while now that third game is the one I certainly have to be pressured to know that Harvey in the third game would be huge but when you consider all the emotions that the bets are feeling right now the anger is go down morph into a different level Uzi S. okay to don Mattingly right now being talked to by the home plate umpire Greg Gibson in the immediate question everybody has here warnings being issued it's going out to talk to Matt Harvey is now being joined by the entirety of the umpiring crew including the crew chief who is Gary cedar springs seniors from the second base umpire it over towards don Mattingly and I don't know if they want clarity on whether or not they are more formal warnings issued or whether there's something else going on that we need to find out about but I would imagine where this has to do with warnings all six empires in there talking with don Mattingly right now total around Mattingly up near the third base line and Mattingly pretty adamant about whatever he's discussing if it is warnings on each side really if it's both pitchers well and I would also think that that would have been taken care of well the umpires were meeting with the manager is just a few moments ago I saw manically looking out towards Harvey for a moment and I don't think there's anything about minutes equipment his glove or anything else that would precipitate what's become of a rather passionate discussion now Gary cedar strip is heading towards the Mets dugout Terry Collins is on his way out and I could not believe way that if this has anything whatsoever to do with warnings whether they've been officially issued or not this wasn't hammered out a few minutes ago during the pregame meeting at home plate that would make no sense and now the whole plate umpire Greg Gibson is out near the pitcher's mound discussing things with Harvey and Travis d'arnaud was talking with Terry Collins says he now goes up the first base side toward the back end of the Mets dugout you don't want me to check yourself the way because now I see Terry going over to talk to Kevin here's to submit to quit the manager before Harvey started to throw warmup pitches just as the Mets were taking the field I saw that Terry was talking to Dave Bernie who is the Mets assistant house manager so I have to think this might have something to do with equipment whether it's Harvey's club I don't know if it's got something to do with the logo on it that's not necessarily an MLB sanctioned logo I don't know and unfortunately now we're left to do guess work but I think this is something to do with equipment between Terry having smoke at first today Bernie at at a cafeteria RB now taking more warm up tosses on the mound don Mattingly still near the Dodgers on deck circle as the umpires now huddled together all Major League Baseball officials is down there on the first base side now with the umpiring crew RB to standing on the mound tossing one warm up pitch is trying to stay loose some serious gamesmanship from don Mattingly how we if this does indeed have anything to do with that equipment issue you don't see that brought up too often especially before the first pitch is thrown just about had it with anybody in Dodger blue don Mattingly is now being spoken to by Gary cedar strip the crew chiefs Major League Baseball official is going back down the steps into the Dodgers dugout I think after all of this we might actually be ready for a first pitch here at eight forty one AM eastern time it's all because of the late store these fans have been in their seats at least those who have bothered to sit down because it's like everybody's dead on their feet for the last little while for a long time but finally we're good to go Harvey into the wind up the first pitch of the game to how we.

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