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Now must stay i am gloria grace rand and welcome come to live love engage i am so happy today because i got one of my favorite people on the planet who's going to be our guest on the podcast and she is a monteiro's i go and she is an amazing person and dan she is known as you're speaking success strategist she has taught thousands of business owners including me entrepreneurs and leaders through i step by step proven speaker training and presentation coaching systems and she helps people to really be able to magnetized of their audience to monetize their message and make an impact in the world and that's an awesome thing she's also an author a a couple of different books painfully public speaking share your story she's even been contributing author in the one of the chicken soup for the soul books six which is amazing as well and she is just a rock star so welcome amount rose gloria i am so glad you you are one of my favorite people to thank you so i thought we'd get started with just a little bit about you so people can get to i know you a little bit how did you get started as a speaking success strategist don't try to say that three times fast access righteous it's much for asking that question because most people look at me evening probably she's been a great communicator all her life and that wouldn't it be case i think i started this partly as i can remember as a kid i was really expressive like to be playful had a happy go lucky attitude on life circumstances this is really stopped me for being that way and when things in my life happened as a small child i shifted i changed which included my dad disappearing when i was six years old so i started to change from that really outgoing kid to somebody who's just outfall and just scared of light and also became really self doubtful about my own sour i remember when i was twelve years old i looked in the mirror and myself special people only only get to do what they love your special you'll never get to do what you love wow twelve years old crazy the young age to you think that way and fayed has a habit of putting situation it's rare me jones facts when i was my thirties i took a job with a nonprofit organization relation they didn't tell me i'd have to speak in front of hundreds of people owed speak experience whatsoever none one of those thinkers who a moment is one of those moments where i could make a choice to rice e cajun handle all my fears doubts insecurities or i could just quit the job and i chose is to rise to the occasion and the same time i took the job is to start to do a lot of personal development and what happens when you personal development you can't see the same tonight and so when i was doing god i start starting to wake inside of me here i am learning how to effectively present groups i invested in myself to learn the art of speaking and here i am doing something way out of my comfort zone and also doing personal development which may be kinda question what i was doing i'm from my life what was my passion my purpose and i eventually started was in that position for five years and i started doing business as the secrets writer he now with fifteen years ago wow gas can't believe something along already it's time we think in life we have difficult situations that happened to us and we overcome those situations they often be a catalyst in what we're here to teach you how to help people i do here we're here to serve people the that's really what happened to me yeah absolutely and i think one of the things that so endeared you to me is the fact that you are very authentic and that's one of the things one of their sorta platform of this podcast is helping people to be able to engage authentic the why why is that so important for for song business success professional success to be audit why is that one it feels good to us feels good to others so why did my i live training just want to start my business fifteen years ago fifteen years ago and i remember i prepared all this content and i delivered this two day workshop inapt always john i didn't feel right didn't feel i didn't didn't the like i felt like i was something aw honor was what is it that you're yourself i was modeling and modeling all these other trainers the things that i had learned but i've lost which is okay to do self in the process lost who i was take tell you gloria took camille longtime and for the listeners very long time to reengage with who i was i had to really i got to a point point in my life and i asked myself either on euros either your need to let go of wanting everybody to love you so modeled myself a certain way did things a certain way everybody would love me so i thought realization that not everybody's gonna walk me they may not even like me they may not like my name on hair whatever he goes yeah and and that's impossible once i realized that not everyone is going to resonate with me and be okay with that i get to be myself and know what people are going to resonate with me so whether somebody's a business owner a leader speaker speaker trainer whatever your what you do is that that connection people make with who you really are what's your authentic excel what's the core essence of who you are and that's where i think authentic comes from his co. sense yeah absolutely one of sir i think with social media there's not a lot of authentic out there you see people's what they want you to z. right eight jones what happened with their real life is i mean i've seen it on TV where people where they go and take take in front of the matt and all this stuff and they were all dressed up and do all these things but they lived in didn't even have a apartment to live it right absolutely on aw i think but your cell me newark because that's what people are gonna knock with yeah absolutely and frankly it's i think easier to be yourself then to try to because if you're trying to remember all the different things that like it'll have this group says that way and this one said to do it that way and then you get tied up in knots trying to remember all these things anyway when you can relax and just be who you are it i think it's so mitch user i mean i know i've felt that way it's it's so much easier when i can just relax and just this is me take it as i am yeah we obviously want to you put our best foot forward in what we do right to have the skilled this ultimately deciding factor in how you do something must connect with your authentic way you deliver it so when somebody comes to me as a speaker trainer there are people who similar expressive right just like bush there are some quieter souls i can't expect choir your soul to be that person goes sh that's not bad that's not their authenticity they're not wanting to be that he till it's really about finding the place for each of us to be our best but our best bendix absolutely absolutely how are you actually doing it how are you empowering women to be more authentic and heart centered and powerful speakers how does that work i think that one the way set that has made me unique is that can really bounce and trauma crimes to balance the masculine the feminine so there is there's a way to be that authenticity authentically and should in a way that honors to maximum energy honors effeminate energy so let me kind of elaborate a little bit on that and this is not true in all cases men eh.

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