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Number four, the KKK is only a phenomenon on the left. She made a late as incorrect. Reference to the Koukoulas plan during testimony fossil insistent and notorious hate group was a democratic organization. Once again. So there was no strategy which switched all these races people to different party, right? According to her, but at the same time, those those those klu Klux Klan members that were like democratic voters supporters at the time, they're not still democratic supporters wants the racism shifts parties now she wants them to keep that that's the whole point of saying there's no southern strategy. There's no flip is. So she can be like see so racist always been a democrat thing. Republicans auto party of Lincoln, y'all wouldn't fuck Lincoln and feels allowed today though. Fortunately for you. I'm living today. But yeah, the story is generally agree to KKK was founded by handful of confederate veterans and Pulaski, Tennessee as social fraternity quickly changed to a violent group to terrorize. Newly empowered black and white Republicans in the south. But like I said since the pirates switch and line number five. Of course, Russian collusion is a hoax, and she got to say it is to congress with her hair looking at. Hey, just ages put our her spirits flying will write lookalike Elizabeth homes and her having a split in contests. And nobody told anyone else nobody and she is winning. Apparently, she is she is Trump during the race is I don't it's so insulting that she's a thing because the bar so low, and I didn't even need to look this up. And I knew that the bar was low for her, right? But let's talk about it. She is fraudulent trashy was just following the money from news one dot com. News one staff. Let's talk about her history. She's twenty nine years old. All right. Lawsuit with the Indo Lacey pe-. She now calls the Lacey. Pe- wonder worse groups will black people even though the organization help her win racial discrimination lawsuit in two thousand seven she is she accused the white news racially harassing and threatening to kill her. I was planning the boys where the son of of the in Stanford mayor, Dan, Dan, Malloy, Connecticut, former governor because of the NWC p family received a settlement of thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars from Stanford public schools..

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