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You know you pointed out to john f kennedy the president at the time and kind of how he played both sides and it made me think while reading this like this still happens today there might even be politicians or leaders who are sympathetic to minority groups and want to make change but they also don't want to alienate parts of their voter base that's true you pointed out in your book john f kennedy do in that you want it out bobby doing that as well what's the middle ground for these politicians and the communities that need help also being able to have the power to get voted into to create the policy i mean it's kind of like you got to walk a thin line now that's that's a brilliant way of putting it that was that have done it in my book but yeah second edition you're absolutely right and that's the conundrum that black people especially but minorities more broadly face how do you get with people who get power because you've got to have some influence in sway within the official offices of politics but at the same time you don't want to sacrifice the legitimacy and validity of your particular outlook and get played by them especially look when it comes to democrats versus republicans that's where black people are too on the one hand you got liberal politicians who say that they are concerned about in committed to our interests but then they get in office and they kind of play us the republicans on the other hand don't take advantage of some of the inherent conservatism among african american people culturally conservative even if they're politically progressive go to church ten commandments religion try to obey the law so unbeknownst to many people there are a lot of conservative black people conservative in terms of moral orientation and so the republicans don't take advantage of that because of some str wrong pockets of resistance to reaching out to black people in so bobby kennedy to your point you're brilliant point told them as well does this sound familiar we don't want to alienate the white base we want to bring them back in so let me get this right i got you at the crib you've been faithful and loyal to me but i'm trying to risk my relationship with you to go out and get somebody else who don't already said they ain't faithful who are disloyal to me so now they're trying to recruit white folk who were voters right the two thousand sixteen election was said to be about a referendum on working class white people while you got black women especially black people in the eighties but black women in the nineties faithful and loyal put doug jones in office down in alabama voted ninety percent for hillary against this indescribable unimpeachable evidence of impeach ability so so so black women have tried to save this country and yet have not been rewarded with the kind of payoff economically and politically that should come to them and i feel like that was a conversation that happened in nineteen sixty three fifty five years later you just pointed out election in two thousand sixteen how do you make sense of the fact that we're still talking about some of the same issues and has if things have changed can you point out worth you've changed straight right now that's a great point look when bobby kennedy was speaking to those people those distinguished and gifted folk and word about the next election because he's worried about you know politicians are always worried about the next election because that's their profession to be worried about the next election as opposed to sometimes the substance of governance bobby kennedy proved to be a statesman in many ways and to try to at least make a difference there but you're so right he was worried about the next election he was saying look we don't want to alienate these people and we had you know after the election bernie sanders who's considered to be a very progressive guy say that basically we gotta watch out for identity politics because that's what the right wing was saying see women gays and lesbians transgendered and bisexual people latinos african american people all that identity politics did that gets you three million votes ahead of what your boy was but that's all right but bernie sanders agreed and said look you know women's issues are important black people's issue's important latinos he said but we gotta get back to some of the basics of of.

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