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Years? Like assuming cheese, like. She's still barely well on the Mark. I love see side by she hasn't. She hasn't created, you know, might be massive time at other than those moments by she still has. She's done was she's had to going exactly what state did buddy at the, but doing what you have to do, not going that extra. Sometimes why you get those, we'd edits and it can't like you can't hide yourself or you're not yourself. Sorry, you can't like copy disappointed if if you're traveling you're not in not in. Yeah, you given the show anything to work. You need to give them options to which why they're going to go, how they could sell the episode. They could read it as is a guy also TV sees you if you if the the savant you nothing the Gulf war and you come second or they're going to give you nothing. On the automating because you got nothing signed bags. Just feel like Lou is. She comes said, that's what she go. She got that third know and that's, that's what I sees that third on from the beginning that she was my Winnipeg before the show started. I don't know why. At least she still this. And that's one thing about since since the merge is said that she's going to come second people now who is not going to take to the end. And I think that people are going to take it at the end and that she gets zero votes except maybe against the people that hype, if it's her born, it figure grabby through the end. She's going to be, what is it that is that she because if I do tune it's going to be who's Americans you go. Warmer and more on blank right now, rob Russell and Natalie Nedeli not Natalie. What's the look? Those were Sandra poverty, poverty poverty. So she would be the poverty who Russ loop if it's a tune and instead of its grabbing her on my God. No one has Amit compared money. Get a poverty before. Really would because poverty was actually really, really loved playing the game. I think that the better comparison is Natalie that Natalie who went with Russell Russell Brussels, everyone over and then every vote, a phonetically. Yeah, but I'm not signing the end guy. Mom saying that poverty stuck. Why Ross and on k.. That comparison. You buy shoes be, you know who to give it to Russell poverty if it's to give it. So that's what I'm saying. Like if she has chosen to go, that's while in what head Arctic rob in his head, he's like, I'm gonna get rid Steve. I'm gonna split up the gills and then it hopefully plays auto get side, win. The laws challenge the we've Monica, lawn commodity wins. I mean, I could be story. Oh, God on. I think we need that. I feel I get mad Christie lodge from from Monica ready. So I don't know if we need another Christine. We've had one was flying, but we don't need to. So let's talk about just before the second travel council. The plan is going to be a to to to Monica and Brian and Monica, and shawnee and Fennell said they're going to do to to, and then whatever the other two that Sean shine vote for, then they'll do it on a river, and it worked out really well, but you can send that that was opening the door for Monica to flip, and that three vote was then going to be enough. Yeah, that's definitely a chance for happening, but it didn't. I just felt you've got to be happy with, you know, that's how confident he is pretty really wasn't confident because he sent schone goes splashdown her..

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