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The question are you safe in your house of worship, historically churches have been places of sanctuary? But is that still true today? I'm co host marine sergeant skip coryell. Thanks for joining us. Joining me at the fifty caliber microphone today's co host air force vet Josh Lang what's up Josh. Well, I received an Email from a listener alkies his name out of this who caught onto my comment about trying to eat groundhog for dinner on last week's show, but wasn't certain if I was joking or not. So I assure you and pita that was a joke. I know it's not quite the same. But to hunt and eat a groundhog on or near groundhog's day would be like eating a bald eagle on the fourth of July. Give me some credit, but skip on the other hand. I know you have tasted the groundhog. But you to have had enough discretion to only hunt them when they're in season and not on or near their special holiday. I'm glad I was able to set the record straight on that which has absolutely nothing to do with the military or our veterans. So let's get to it. Guys. Sounds good. Josh. And Chief Warrant Officer Roland Ashby is looking mighty seaworthy today. What's going on in your life, Roland L skip? I'm just wondering if I can go out and do a recertification shooting course with you here. Pretty soon. I think my permits coming up pretty well. We need to do that. Here's what we have for you today. I up we'll have news and comment by the non com,.

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