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Now presents definite may not a jew on the atom cooler show newcastle england a sixty one year old man attacked his girlfriend after she didn't help him open his lunch the lunch was cord b not jews i wanna thank lifelock for this half of the show and got on lifelock dot and also men men men that come through car as well thank truecar and geico geico dot com lease wheel is here good see lease great to be with adulation yet another author of almost twenty bucks feel like we could have just said eighteen eighteen thanking how many books written eighteen i liked it dylan sort of rounding up right eighteen bucks i'll say teen well you know numbers you know it's never anyone's long suits writers this one is hunting charles manson good news charlie died recently so nicer guy right what do we need to know about charles manson and it's funny i have a picture max paddock and fine of me in a pedalcar that is above spahn ranch from the sixties.

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