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Scuba-divers the yanking me with ropes to get out of the way underwater but and then i didn't know until i saw the movie if i lived or died a shot me Swimming up when we the last thing we shot was out in california and they shot me swimming up on the shore and hugging the rocks. And you know thank you. thank you. thank you And i didn't know which they were gonna use till we went to see the film but it was the at before the star wars movies came out it was the grossing highest grossing sequel of all time for a short period of time. And it's not the first jaws be. Let's be honest but it's a pretty good sequel. I thought and considering it'd be audience doesn't know what goes into the making of a film. They just want to see a good show. But when you know the backstory of the director who you know normally get a year to prepare a movie in two weeks. The writer. Carl gottlieb from the first jaws also second goal He came in and rewrote the movie as we win the night before we'd shoot a scene it'd be writing it in his hotel room and then we show up and do it so Knowing that those two guys pulled off a amazing amazing job and and plays every two minutes on tbs or folk. So it's been very good to me. Do you have any stories. About working. With roy scheider. Roy did not want to be there at all. He had a he was supposed to do the deer hunter. And the they wouldn't let him out of his contract because he headed in his claws to do a sequel to this so he was there against his will and had to give up that movie. He barely talked to any of us kids. He does he desire to do his job. And if he wasn't filming he was sitting on a lounge chair in a speedo with one of those. Those metal refund reflected under his face That was my image of roy sitting there with a thing under his face Perfectly nice guy. Keith gordon who was in just two and played the younger roy in all that jazz. He said he was a completely different guy on that movie because he wanted to be here for that one and he's he's a real nice guy but i never really got to talk to him that much at all. They did it. They threw a birthday party for me. A for all of us. We were there eleven months but it my birthday party. he did. Give me a farah fawcett puzzle. So i still have it somewhere it. I never opened it. You know her her. Her poster was made into a puzzle. That was roy. That's a pretty good memory. I just haven't had puzzled. I wanna see that puzzle too but So got one other story would ask you about before. We jump into star trek As you mentioned earlier that lucille ball was one of the primary reasons you want to pursue acting. You wanted to go to hollywood. And i read your book that you actually did get to meet lucille early on me. I got the hollywood. So i'd love to hear that story. And then to of the fact that you did get to work with her in eighty six a few years after you're a star trek appearance on on her show life with lucy. Got gal gordon. let's start the talks early in in your book. You write about this. I love here in the story. Let's first start with the first thing you do. When billions and gets the hollywood most people would go to The hollywood bowl or dodger stadium. Or i went straight from the airport. Lucy's house i wanted to her and So i pull up in front of her house and jane who was my girlfriend at the time she had she hides under the dashboard. She seems to be getting out of the car. What are you doing. So i gotta go meet her and jane hidden in the car. I walked up the brick walkway. Knock on the door and houseboy. Answer the door. I said billy vans to see lucille ball. And he said he's not home. Slammed the door in my face. I got back in the car and we drove away. Kenya's later. I had now gotten to know her and been invited to her house. So we're sitting in the house. We're talking about a bunch of different things. And i said you'll ever meet charlie chaplin and said i can see his work in your work but never saw picture of the two of you together and she said no. I never met him. But i'll tell you a story in nineteen seventy six. My husband and i were in switzerland. And i found out where he lives so we drove over to his house. But gary wouldn't get out of the car. He was hiding into the dashboard. So i got out and he said where are you going. So i'm gonna meet charlie chaplin and she walked up the wall the brick walkway she knocked on the door She said a big fat housekeeper to the door and she said lucille ball here to see charlie chaplin and she said he's not home and slam the door interface. It was pretty mindblowing meeting here. That story almost word for word of what happened to me. I'd never told her my version of that story. 'cause we had just prior to that had just been talking about Her house was right on the corner and accessible to the street. You know there's no big wall or anything and they said oh no offense flan fans get out of hand we just we press button bars. Come down over the ceiling over the windows. So i thought well i better not tell them my story or they're gonna throw me out of here but the bars down so but the meeting her was fantastic Got the work with her. Which was phenomenal for me And dusenberry who was in jaws. Two with me was cast to play her daughter on the final series and she called me as soon as she got the job and Immediately jumped on a plane gonna meet luciana work with her. You know and i ended up. Did guy did get to work with her. Which was phenomenal. That was that was pretty. You know kidney candy store for me. It was great. I got actually find that up some new to you. Know you've seen it but it is on youtube. That episode is called. Lucy mix curtis bites the dust. So anybody wants to see it. You can check it out. I'll try and put some links up some rain in our social media but europeans coming towards like the third act of the. Show your your delivery person. And you get to do a a gale gordon which i imagine have also been really amazing for you. It was so cool. The first day walked onto the set as an actor the first week. Oh they are just there to the watch. And then i found a script in a role for myself. So i went forced my way into the casting directors office who probably should have call the police and i insisted i had to have an audition so i ended up getting that part and the first day i walked onto the set The following monday gale came up to me and stuck out his hand and said welcome to the family. That was pretty cool and the plot made no sense. It made no sense at all. You know lucy something on the hardware stores computer and then the whole world thinks gale. 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