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You know it's the final play the game and and you're scrambling to the corner. To score game winning touchdown the digital version of you are you GonNa let the digital version of you score you going to try and wrap them up and win. Oh okay well. That's that's a good question against my stuff is where he's at. Yeah yeah somebody else has. Your team is using the digital version of you then absolutely not I mean I will say that it was very cool. We're at the combat and we got the special recognition thing into Matt and so that was cool. Awesome moment for us. This is. This is pretty cool with that. Like one of those fan boy moments because I love the fact that you're looking at this thing to the lens of being pierced but was that sort of okay. I'm GONNA check myself a little bit here I need. I was definitely very cool up. My Buddy Scotty Miller is my best friend is receiver for the box and so Kind of when he was in man last year I definitely you know sub- demand that was pretty surreal playing with my best friend sauce. Kinda like okay. Now this'll be playing with myself next year out. You're a you know I. It was funny actually. And I'm curious if you experience this as a quarterback yourself because I know this is something. Kellen Moore the former Boise State quarterback now cowboys offensive coordinator has said and I personally heard Patrick. Mahomes say it. A couple of weeks ago that they both said they had to stop playing the video games at some point because they got irritated that the computer on the other side was making bad reads as a quarterback and it was making bad and so they would. They just had to stop playing. Is that a frustrating point for you that you found. Yeah definitely a over the years. I've got more quarterback. It's easier to custody. Thanks for that when like the computer doesn't react as like a normal defense. Would you have these like built in? Tendencies in your head where it's like you're used to seeing something reacting in. It's like okay. This is completely unrealistic. How they would react and then of course. I'm glad my buddy was knows what he's doing. This is this is. This is not happening. You know so. I get pretty competitive those. That's for sure we hit a trigger point. Right there bobby say quarterbacks fiery competitor quarterbacks playing madden. It's IT'S A. It's a thing to them. They they get irritated with it at a certain point. So what would you rather never have to stand in line again or never have a red light again She is I'd say never have to Stand in line. Although I've been in Miami for the last two years and I'll tell you what there's long red lights you have to wait a while I would. I would appreciate the smooth sailing of no red light. I can stand in a line and look at my phone and that's fine one of the things where we've also been asking guys is so if you could pick you can go in the first round and obviously not pick where you're going because you just get back there or you go in the third round of the draft and you can choose the team you go to which would you choose I mean for me. That's a good question. I'd say that I would rather go. I guess in the I. I think it's interesting for me because I'm hearing a lot of things but where I could go. I don't know where where it might be. I don't really play into that. Very Much Asas big on me yet. whoever gets me? I'm GonNa go as hard as I can with so yeah man. I'm I'm kind of needles to see what happens. I'm really excited about it so I know that it's not gonNA be decision. They regret as for sure. Well you are a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun with you last year when we interviewed you like. I said I knew been. We had to back this interview up even because you had so many interviews on glad to see that you are getting a lot of attention and I'm sure we're GONNA be talking about you after the draft so we appreciate. You didn't us in on this show absolutely. I really appreciate you. Guys have had a lot of fun joining us now. Is MINNESOTA DEFENSIVE? End linebacker edge rusher Carter Toffler and you can follow on twitter at CMO thirty four. That's C. M. O. E. Thirty Four. How you doing great? Thanks for having me on absolutely no one of the things. We've been asking everybody that we talked to has been Obviously the corona virus has impacted things for everybody how they're preparing for the draft and the you know how they're interviewing with teams and things like that. I guess talk about how everything has changed for us. On the specific ways it has and how you're adapting to that yet will I think one of the biggest things was it adding Luckily for me I was able to compete at the combine so I got a chance to test and all that kind of stuff. Let team see that but for a lot of dudes like there. The product is going to be huge to show teams what they could do. And I'm have that opportunity so that's been I've been one of the biggest things is just have cancelled. And then now man you know you can't going trend in the facilities that you'd like to like. I've got a a trainer in Eden Prairie in Eden Prairie Minnesota that. I would have liked to train it but I can't now so right now of north in equal lakes Minnesota. It's like two and a half hours north twin cities with my family and we got a a makeshift workout room in our garage in the working out in there every single day running almost every single day saw making the most of it. But it's just different. Now you bring up a good point because we've seen someone like Dez index getting all sorts of national flack for posting videos than staying ready. You know does we've seen him doing this. Even before the Quarantine. How is it not being able to interact with other players and go through some of those live rush drills and stimulating that somehow in your makeshift shift Jimmy? Do you think that that's GonNa Affect you guys a win? This season does actually get underway. Yes I think the reality is. It's it's whatever you make of it so you know you could sit here and you know you come. Come up with excuses while you're not going to be prepared why you can't get live drills or you could find a way to make happen so for me. I'm looking into getting some pop up Dummies towards online at rush drills on their their expensive takes awhile the shit but I'm trying to use resources to shift some of that stuff around the guest But I mean I've got two brothers and my dad and my mom two sisters all here so I know somebody who would be able to be a fake offensive lineman for bed body. I want to a boss. Tell me come to me with solutions. Not Problems and it feels like We've got a Carter here figuring that out real quick. I think that's probably a sit well. A lot of GM's owners that are talking join them. Yeah absolutely and and I'm going to read A little bit of motivation for you. Guess from Matt Miller of bleacher report friend of mine furnace. Jane's and he. I saw him tweet this yesterday. I believe he said. I wish we could put Carter. Coughlin's intensity and love for the game in a bigger body could see a move to linebacker with some sub package rusher in his future. So a guy who already has received some criticism for man. He's a little undersized. We'll have the motor we love the Iq everything like that. And then you know probably tough to find some some weights right now at and to get that strength training done so. I guess talk about how you're adjusting to the strength. Training specifically and then broaden that to that criticism of Carter coffins too small to be a fulltime edge. Rusher yeah for sure So you know just to address the weights. We've got a squad racking here In saw been I have. I have a decent amount of freeway. It's can do a lot of different things but part of it is comes in creativity looking up different exercises. I can do for different body parts of a lot of bands too so I mean within the the trx wrote bands. Or whatever you you'd be surprised at how many different muscle groups seeking That so Ultimately manages just work my tail off as I've got nothing else to do a beer and then You know having some amongst cook in dealing with with different products protein shakes and all that kind of stuff. I have a feeling that once I come on a Cori- in I'M GONNA BE IN. Some of the best in my life have been able to work out the way. I want to every single day regardless of the fact that I don't have the high tech equipments or anything like that ahead for combine trading or anything like that so I'm definitely making the most of it a throwback draft when you think about it bobby The elder generations didn't have the performance centers in these opportunities. But I know that was GONNA be my one of my questions. You've got mom's cooking you know typically when you're working out these performance centers. They have ready to go meals. You've got people really making sure that your diet is up to snuff in the off season so it sounds like you're not putting on the Corinthian fifteen. No I'm not you'd be surprised So my brother. My younger brother is a year younger. The main He he lost like fifty pounds Last year over the course of a year he was a walk on the Gopher football team. Quit crazy good shape and so so he. It's healthier than anybody I've ever met and Just a couple of days ago we were watching a movie as a family and I said. Hey I'm going to go get a snack knee as positive for me. And he said he told my youngest sister who is a sophomore isolate said. Hey Go upstairs may make sure. Carter grabs a healthy snack. Give me some grief about about. You're not eating different things around the house in saying that I didn't have that in California and so I laughed and went upstairs in the lucky charms. Really really good so. I grabbed the box than a turnaround. Her my little sister. Sarah Are you kidding me? And also she. She came with now. I love me accountability partners. Because since we're we're sort of you know this is confession time. I'm just GonNa Bring this and this is what Mrs Warning to strata of the box. I had lucky charms this morning myself. It was it was great. I champions Carter Saddam now Carter when you've talked to some of these teams You know everybody like that one reference talking about potentially being the linebacker. I know you did some standing up at Minnesota. Where are you seeing by? Nfl teams or has anybody talked to you about you. Know putting your hand on the ground and rushing off the edge and being a defensive end. Yeah I forgot I forgot to the yes so So a lot of teams. See me as a Sam linebacker and you know what that ability. I'll be able to play outside the box outside the tight end rush off the edge drop into coverage so somewhat similar to what I did with Ad Minnesota but I think with more of a linebacker tend to it In to be honest with you I love that idea is because I think that I have the athleticism to be able to play a linebacker. I think that I'll be able to adjust to playing in the box. Two planes stacked is 'cause in my position actually had to do a lot of reading. It was just from the line of scrimmage and so it's GonNa take a little getting used to but I don't doubt for a second. Pick it up really fast so you know then in terms of you know being undersized running for Funk laziness five Tech Defensive Man Insurance undersize but to play outside linebacker at a B. Two forty by one Reporting run a four five seven. Or whatever I mean those. Those vegetables are pretty consistent with other guys in the League. Measurable 's The way analysts sort of you know they'll break you down and say this player reminds me of this guy. Who Do you think you most mirror in the league? You know I've a. I've thought about that before but I'm not totally sure to be honest with you You not sitting here enjoying pass rushing the way I'd do. I'd like to say you know some of the things that I I like to do. Our of Von Miller who's undersized edge rusher but makes the most visibility but I actually went to his pass rush summit. One of the things they talked about is that everybody pass rushes different. You can't sit there and try to compare yourself to anybody or try to do something. Someone else does. Just because everybody has different skill sets and abilities so for me. There's things that worked for me and there's things that don't work for me not being in so But I think when you just look around and you see some of the hybrid linebackers. They can pass rush. That's that's what I WANNA model my game. You know we are a cowboys focused. Show here and I know that you've gotten a chance to obviously to speak. Some Teams Has Dallas. Been One of these teams. You've been able to talk to I. Guess either at the combine or in any of these facetime meetings or anything like that. Yeah for sure. Close posting meet with the cowboys A big long set of meetings that were supposed to happen. That had been so You know in in the meantime have been meeting with some coaches over. You know video calls and stuff hadn't met with the cowboys yet or that haven't had that setup but I wouldn't be surprised you know that it set up in the next couple of days or whatever But then yeah. I mean at the combine senior. Boy I talked to the job now team that interests you if if it is one the I gotta be honest.

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