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An hour fastball. 61 San Diego bottom of the fifth. Grady one for two on the night. And the 32 pitch in a 97 mile an hour fastball is fouled back. You get pitched their hit. Grady was just a little quick. 32 County anticipated fastball special got, It's got good velocity. Eyes can get big and you just be a little too quick and not stay square to the plate, meaning that I'm really letting this ball get into the hitting zone. Not coming off of it with the front side, just trusting your power in the gaps. 32 and he missed outside Ball four. So Fernandez thought he had him run up on the 12 pitch, and he winds up walking him. We could change up there. Dad, I believe so. Yeah, it's wild, isn't it? You've got 98 99 in the back pocket. Change up 32. And again that may go back to, you know, analytics to the information, saying that a guy like O'Grady's more susceptible in a full count is on the least amount to of a games change played up, But I'm for with Tommy you if I had Edmund. 99 He's played most of his games and third base. I think Now he's I would the everyday use that second 99. basement He for the Cardinals. did a couple of times in that it bad. But they're made Now it he look faces really Hassan natural Kim big Kim smile has homered from and popped Adam up. Wainwright as well. He couldn't believe Underwood. First Nobody out. He made 61 it, But it's San one thing Diego to get Bottom to that ball five Dan and knock it down. on the first Keep it pitch, from going swinging to the a outfield, foul back perhaps at a belt prevent high fastball. a 1st Owen and 3rd one situation on Kim. was able to get up and get the force at second base. I mean, that's that's a big time So player. I know about We you, asked Dan. Mike shit Go on ahead our for pregame me. zoom with him. You know, Players what from does he mean to the team? Japan And the first or South two Korea. words out of Like his mouth Kim, were steady, I Eddie, just That's feel what like they call they Tommy. have the Edmund. best I guess bat it flips like He said I know he are could guys help you win here the ballgame like so to many do different different, ways, but I his feel like glove, they're bad his flips arm, are his feet, They're so his natural bat his and so brain. good. He just Yeah. understand situations. Well, what is outside of.

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