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The lead you'll madam show and weeknights at nine of stern on msnbc out cornelius at vanderbilt was one of the richest americans ever so much so that his name is synonymous with what it means to be a rich person now right vendor belt cornelius vanderbilt was a selfmade man it was a new yorker he started off as a kid running ferry services between staten island in manhattan he worked his way up to running and owning multiple ferry services and then steamboat lines started off with regional steamboat lines and then ultimately he got to oceangoing steam boats he hit the real pay dirt when he started to close the loop on transportation he got into the business of shipping by sea and also by land by the civil war era cornelius vanderbilt's was one of america's great real tycoons before that was ever a grand central station in new york city there was a grand central depot that cornelius vanderbilt created as a terminus for his train lines in new york city to this day there's a street that runs right up one side of grand central station that's called vanderbilt avenue that's named after him and for years for decades on the other side of grand central station on the other side of it from vanderbilt avenue there was another monument to vanderbilt that didn't use his last name it used his nickname the nickname that everybody used for cornelius vanderbilt was the commodore commodore a high ranking the navy cornelius vanderbilt never served in the navy but apparently he got the nickname of the commodore uh in his days as a kid reading those very services in new york harbor the other guys who worked the harbor alongside him called him commodore basically as a way of teasing him.

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