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But it's inappropriate and it's really hurting people if people in the neighborhood to outside the door similar events happen and yeah yeah absolutely how I've seen it grow on this side of town and now I'm seeing it more more in Chestnut Street and I'm reading about it in the marina where those folks are having people use their yards for a bathroom this year alone the city has received more than twenty five thousand complaints and they now have a poop patrol crew on call to clean up the waste across the city that's a rough business card to have yeah but you know he's well I would hope marina Safeway shoppers feel all of that is clearly not fixing the root of the problem hi I guess is up to the politicians I know people say that we have to take care of our community how how we knew that's how if they can you know if they can walk away I mean you think you you hear the frustration in that woman's voice and in her remarks tonight I think that we all share that frustration right and in those those pop up toilet side the three of them that she described are trying to get ahead of the from spending the money ahead of the problem rather than just paying money to clean it up I'm each poop troll person makes one hundred eighty four thousand dollars a year in salary and benefits wow I didn't know that I knew they did well I knew that they were gonna but got a premium for that kind of work yeah that is serious loot I would I know maybe maybe after going over where you're going over it already Albert you have to give two weeks notice before you got on foot patrol come on that is really a guilty pleasure you well not picking up poop right I would do it for the money I mean no one likes that gig that way but I should break it down it's it's actually it's seventy one thousand six basically seventy two thousand dollars a year but the benefits are one hundred twelve thousand so you put that together so but essentially you're getting a hundred eighty four thousand dollars for picking up poop in the city sh it's crazy up I mean the room you know of course the root of the problem is some way that is truly the symptom of a much bigger issue which we discuss here from time to time Hey I want to mention something that's going on in the bathroom itself for those who use the bathroom in the traditional way okay there is a new toilet that is angled downward and the reason is angled downward is that many businesses are trying to discourage you from sitting on the toilet too long I guess people go into the bathroom for breaks and they sit there and they look at Instagram they look at Facebook and they look at the news whatever they're doing on the phone mmhm or they're just taking some time to themselves but they'll spend an inordinate amount of time the thinking is on the toilet try to get out of work stuff so there's there's a thirteen degree downward angle and this downward angle in this new toilet actually will make it kinda harder for you to sit there in other words it's kind of like what you find in restaurants have you ever noticed in restaurants there's a restaurant right it's right on Polk street a Chinese restaurant and I and I love that they do this there's a they have metal chairs that are really cold all calls and it's it's deliberate because they're trying to move people through and the food is really good but they don't want you lingering because a big line outside so they make the chair and all the chairs that are there at the table a little less comfortable okay they're not intolerable but you wouldn't want to hang out in them you know right and that same theory of like moving customers through is what this new toilet design is her teacher Klay place therefore to get you to do your business and get moving back to work I think that's a brilliant idea I mean it's happening I mean more more businesses are implementing it yeah so watch for it at a business near you here is news that will not surprise you surveillance footage of the outside of Jeffrey apps dean's cell at the correctional center remember the metro correctional center we talked about it we talk about all the problems they had there now people are working double shifts are getting people don't even really work there to you know coverage shift because they're so sparsely populated when it comes to actual workers yeah it turns out that the surveillance footage of the outside of Jeffrey abstain sell out that correctional center has gone missing what a non surprising the fact that is apparently a judge's ask the government to get to the bottom of it yeah so here's the except when the government is behind it god that's when it'll be tough for them to get to the bottom of it it is the food is important because it couldn't help not me asking case but his jail mate because his jail might was well his jail may was moved isn't that what happened right but his jail mate is credited for saving at Steve's life during his first suicide attempt but it's jail made is facing murder charges and so when it comes down to sentence saying the his defense team wanted to get a hold of the surveillance video so they can.

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