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Did they see. They saw a kind of a god king in the person of the dalai lama chosen through a lot of mumbo jumbo and give a nation dreams and consulting magical oracle's and staring into lakes revisions and all sorts of other other unscientific modes of selection. They saw theocracy that had vast estates and on those estates there were serfs were basically indentured and they saw an error stock crecy something like their own scholar. Gentry class back home. That didn't work. Did no manual labor war funny hats and brightly colored robes and lived a life of luxury while the ordinary people have tabet lived in rather primitive conditions. And i thought well perfect. These people are ripe to join our revolution and they moved in well when they started to implement their reforms. They're quote democratic reforms in tibet. They really fail to appreciate that. Despite the way things looked up there there have been no history of rebellion. it'd be no history of famine. Basically this very odd place was unified by. Tabet and buddhism was an ideology a religion a common cord between all classes between the theocracy the monasteries the monks and one out of four chinese males became a monk and the peasants and of course all nomads. Most tibetans were nomads. Roaming around out on this vast arid very desolate wasteland space. I might add that. Not as you might imagine it. A cuddly little buddhist kingdom top up there behind mount everest but it's larger than western europe. It's vast it's huge. And i will get a moment to how we look at that. 'cause it's a very interesting subject now. This is what the chinese thought they were doing. They thought they would be welcomed as saviors and they set about dismantling this old structure and when the cultural revolution hit hit china with a vengeance and it hit two back with an equal vengeance and it was aimed at destroying every vestige of china's old society and tibet soul society and culture and this meant literally raising monasteries to the ground imprisoning monks llamas and.

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