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Wallace back with us an old friend of ours back in the NFL coaching game. That's right, Frank Reich is his name, 40, 33 and one in his head coach of the Indianapolis Colts over 5 years. Now he is, the new head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Now they need a quarterback. He knows a thing or two about quarterback. I think so. That's right. He was, by the way, the first he would quarterback in Carolina Panthers franchise history, a new trivia question to answer today. He started the first three games in franchise history. So he takes over Steve Wilkes who coach on the interim basis, the last year, and it was a finalist for the job, but Frank Wright comes away with it. He is the next head coach in Carolina. The Jets have a new offensive coordinator. It's former Broncos head man Nathaniel Hackett. He has been hired as The O.C.. He was Aaron Rodgers offensive coordinator from 2019 through 2021 in Green Bay. Now the title games all set for this weekend He always looked for bullets and board material. We know Patrick Mahomes feels okay. He's going to play for Kansas City, but did you see what Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton called Kansas City's arrowhead stadium? Oh no, what do you call it? Burrow head. The quarterback of the Bengals. Oh. You don't really want to just leave it. I'm telling you there's something about the Bengals being just a little too cocky. Oh, they are, aren't they? Well, they've had the chief's number, but that's true. This is Patrick Mahomes house and he's going to play on Sunday. So it should be fun, right? That's what we're all about. Capital's home tonight, the Pittsburgh team teams tied at the top of the wild card. Tom Wilson did not skate this morning, hurt himself in the game the other night. College basketball the women's side, tenth ranked Maryland Holmes number 13 Michigan tonight, toward Wallace WTO sports. Thank you, George. Recent gunfire is causing a lot of concern in an old town Alexandria neighborhood. Three incidents in a row starting with 5 shots fired at 9 in the morning, New Year's Eve says Robin Baldwin who's lived an old town for 21 years

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