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Yvonne and yet set against it. That Neo conservatives in the United States Zionists hundreds of students stranded in Cleveland, Texas elementary school overnight. Heavy rains keep school buses and parents off the road southeast Texas experiencing widespread flooding this morning. The House Judiciary committee meets this morning to vote on holding attorney general William bar in contempt of congress for not handing over the full Muller. Report. Stock futures are falling on Wall Street after yesterday's heavy losses with worries over U S, China trade. I'm Michael Toscano. Bromwich snowfall Sweeney. We'll preview Disney earnings with media quarter bid class. We'll take a look at the selloff escalating US China trade tensions today at ten eastern on Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg the world is listening. Markets headlines and breaking news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. Business ad junk on Twitter. He's a Bloomberg business flash. And I'm Karen Moskow six forty seven. On Wall Street. Futures are falling this morning. Let's go to the first word breaking news desk for today's morning call. Here's Bill Maloney Bill. Good morning. Good morning. Karen? That's right. US futures under pressure again today without futures down ninety points, s of eavesdrop twelve NASDAQ futures decline by thirty seven the US tenure yield false two point four three percent. And Shanghai fell. Went point one percent overnight. UPS markets are also trading lower this morning and note, they draw. He speaks at seven thirty back in the US on the economic front energy numbers at ten thirty. And after the Bella snake electric, art speed s Mitch shares are up seven percent in the pre market and lift revenue. Pita smits. Shares are little changed in deal. News RBC said that NPR maybe worth in the mid forties, in takeout, and wrapping things up mosaic was upgrade at crates sweets and J P Morgan. Well, Milen was downgrades from Arkham performed over at Wells Fargo lie. From the first breaking news desk. I'm Bill Maloney. Karen?.

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