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That's very similar to a review. My mother gave me personally every day. Thanks for the props, Loretta, but I think we're gonna have to stick to once a week for now. Leave us review on apple podcasts, and we may just read it on the air. And now back to our conversation with Laverne Cox. Your big break when most people in this country I clapped is on Laverne Cox was when you got the role on orange is the new black now, how did that come about and how has that changed your life spending his right before I booked orange. I was thinking maybe I was done acting. Maybe I'd been number of independent films at Dunton TV, and it's thinking maybe I was done both to me thing for going on a year still working at the restaurant. I still working lucky Chang's restaurant every week, and then I got the audition, and I did too scenes from the pilot episode of orange from episode three, the Lemus duct tape flipflops seeing from season while. In fact, I'm glad you mentioned that because we have a clip from that since you did the perfect. Fenway auditioned with. All right. Well, let's listen to you. We'll just remind people. I made my own to. Clumsy carries us thirteen duct tape talents very in the season. I remember that scene, so well, Laverne. When you heard about this role where you just thinking, oh God, this is going to be so fantastic where you trepidation. I, you know, I was at an event with my manager, Paul and he said, I have an audition for you. It said and a women's prison, your hairdresser and wind through that women's prison. I was like, that sounds, it sounded really intriguing. He said it was a web series and this is twenty twelve. So there were no streaming television shows their web series. So I was just like, okay, web series, cool. And then I got the pilots was brilliant and gingy Cohen. A huge fan of weeds like huge. I love her by the way I love her to. She's the creator. Exactly. And then I did the got the part I was screaming was on the street necessarily screaming, and I was hopeful that people might watch it, but I was just so excited to be working. I was I dedicated my life to being an actor and it's a really hard thing to do to be an artist. And so I was just happy to have a job. And then it turned into this thing where like episode three was my care does backstory. Jodie Foster was directing, and that was a dream come true. And when you thought, well, this is really clicking. This is this is something special season one. It was just a what I love about season. One of our show is that it was so about the work and I was just so excited to do the work to really that I've been training for all these years. And then there was a moment I think episode, the rap battle scene episode, six or so of season one. And I looked around and it was a room full of women of all ages and backgrounds and sexual orientations, and and I'm in the middle there, and it just was like, this is the coolest thing. Ever seen in my life and of anybody's gonna wash. Okay. This is awesome. And I did honestly think anybody would watch it. I knew it was good in special, but I had never seen anything like it. And so I was like, where does this fit in the marketplace? You know, and then it's on Netflix. I was my. My dream really was. I was like, I hope casting directors watch it and see that I can act and maybe I'll get another job that was my. That doesn't work out. That was for real people didn't think of Netflix is the behemoth that it's become spending seven billion dollars a year on content and all the rest. But let me ask you since you first appeared in broke through on that show. How do you think opportunities for trans actors have changed? Gosh, it's it's a mixed bag. When I talked to my transplants, your actors, there are more roles than there used to be in. The roles are different. I'm so excited about Ryan Murphy's new show poses coming out of this summer, the six transgender..

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