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There are next to the X is silent. Call me Tehran. You're on the edge. Thanks for swinging by the show. Uh, I just got this chick's name. Let me snagging on my phone talking about the lady who would be secretary of state and one on me. Let's see here. Oh, it's looking for my okay. I gotta pick up my code for the first time in my life. I'm using that facial recognition. Think I like it? I couldn't even defeat it. I put on a Mexican wrestling mask and it's still recognizing me. So let's say, let's go into this. It's Christine. This is the lady who's Ah, campaigning now, which is good, That's when you should start campaigning to be, uh Secretary of state. Let's see. Two of my pals sent it to me. Christine Karam o K. A. R. Am Oh, Christina, Christina Karam. Oh, that's a That's a cool name, Christina Karamo. I don't mind my pale Rose on wants me to endorse her. People have asked me to endorse things. I'm getting to a point where I don't want to endorse anybody for anything And it's not because I don't want to be in the fight. I am in the fight. I'm in the fight more than 90% of the people I know. Yeah, but the fight I'm talking about is that, uh if I if I if I endorse somebody that was lose, they always lose the one person I endorsed That one was Donald Trump. My lovely wife and I thought I looked at Linden I went. Do you realize what just happened, baby? I endorsed a candidate in there, one said. That's insane. It was I mean, everybody had endorsed would just lose. Uh, so there's that aspect of it. But I don't know that my endorsement means anything. I mean, when it comes down to who I'm gonna vote for on Election day, I'm voting for whoever is not the Democrat. Uh huh. That will have an after their name that's still valid. I don't necessarily support the R But I'm definitely not supporting the D. My God, that's like voting for Joseph Stalin. Can you believe that that Democrats, socialism is alive and well and Allowed to exist in America. That sounds like a foreign thing to say. But it's nothing but anesthetic tour Constitution to our government, and they are allowed to exist. Just I'm watching this piece with Michael Flynn and I posted It's on Facebook. Uh, it shows Flynn looking very, very warrior like and it says Michael Flynn. Bring in the military, sir. That's not necessarily what this is about. This is Michael Flynn bringing the military somebody named Milk a Female interviewer Milk a And it's a really good interview so far, but he points something out in here that I've put it on the show, but it's been a while since I've said it. In fact, I completely forgot about it until now, but it's true. Do you know that 70 members of our House of representatives are card carrying Democrats, Socialists of America, and some are actually flat out Communists? And they look at it as a good thing. They see that that's the future of America. You believe that in the in the house and I don't know how many the Senate but in the House of Representatives 70 members. It's pretty much all black caucus, but 70 members are card carrying Socialists. In America. And they just This is just normal now. So back into this piece out of the epic times. Titled Woke Capital Haitians. America's Demise by Back in China, This is a guy named Benjamin Weingarten. And so far I'm liking what he's writing. Aren't you really good piece? So this is when it comes to the likes of black Rock and its peers, DSG for thee, but not for Z made an effort. China? Yes, G scores. Of course, you know, USG scores are huge now with corporate Entities and they're running out trying to funnel them down to the individual meaning if you don't have a proper E s G score. That's environmental. Uh, scientist. What's what's just the second one. Was it science? Ah! And of course, the last one is, uh, is, uh, government regulation wise, if you're not all our social, social, environmental, social and government if you don't have the proper Scores that add to the score. They think you should have. You won't be able to buy a car won't buy a house won't written apartment will get in a certain school. That's what it's coming down to. I wonder where they got that idea. Could it be China? American. Increasingly, the name only, uh, financial firms which lubricate the global economy and put in my eyes, the wall can leap. Who reject the very system from which they have so richly benefited. In other words, there a miracle asters. The rest of the elite. Our political class media, academic institutions and so on, are literally and figuratively invested in beholden to or in the minimum, afraid of running afoul of China. Is that route, a symptom of an existential crisis that threatens to undo America far before we ever get around to doing all of that is necessary to counter Beijing. That's what this is about, by the way. Destroying America, destroying America. The existential crisis concerns our understanding of who we are as a nation are confidence in its purpose, and I resolved to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect and to cultivate its greatness, Man is that feel good to say that Little kids learning that in school, by the way. To cultivate the greatness of America to think that America is great, and we want to cultivate it. Grow it nourish it. Watch it Flourish. Are they? Are they learning that in school? Of course, they're not. A pervasive America. Less mentality of localism, decadence and decline prevails over the commanding heights of society. It's born of a sort of moral narcissism, as Roger Simon has turned it under which are elite confessed their sins of power and privilege while supporting paternalistic policies falling hardest on those for whom they claim they care. Most. The elites. That's like the Democrats saying they care about black people, right? The elites they care about their money. Care about their vote, the elites virtue signal without bearing any cost. On the contrary, they end up further a sconce in their permanent and societal position. Wow, that's a pretty lofty sentence, but it's probably pretty damn true. On serious as they send as as this cynical charade is, it may prove fatal. Now we're going to get to that We come back after top of the hour. There's only a couple of paragraphs less than here. But this is this is an important piece. Entire radio shows an important piece If you're not listening. What the hell are.

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