Brian Mudd, Molyneux, Barack Obama discussed on Mark Levin


I don't think they're gonna be as liberal going forward. Not to mention every generation starts out more liberal than it ends up by the time you go through traditional family formation. So take this back to the Democrats for a moment. And why you know, they need the opportunity if you suddenly have black Americans that see that. Hey, we can get ahead. We've got a near record low unemployment rate. We did hit a record low unemployment rate last year. We're making more money. There is a path forward with a good economy. If you see Molyneux's that are getting opportunities that are grasping those opportunities and saying that, hey, you know, what maybe all that stuff in the textbooks and in the classroom, and that we've been fed by Obama and company that might not be correct? This Trump economy, isn't such a bad thing. And then you take a look at the same thing with Hispanics with a record low unemployment rate. Remember, we have record low unemployment rates for pretty much every minority from Hispanics, black adults, Asians native Americans. And women the only category that had demographic does not reach a record low unemployment rate over the past year white men now that's for you. So what you're seeing ultimately, the all these dependency classes that the Democrats that counted on their having a really hard time right now because doing better, so you've got to create a new underclass, a new round of people that you can convince need you and to get the goodies. You're gonna have to keep boating for us. That's what's really going on here. I'm Brian Mudd in.

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