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That's after former Governor John Hickenlooper Cruise to a 20 point victory over Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic primary for U. S. Senate. Now Hickenlooper's focuses on Republican Senator Cory Gardner, the many hopes to unseat for John Hickenlooper. There was little time to celebrate his primary victory over and Rome off in a virtual message, he predicted an onslaught of negative ads were becoming his way in the general election. He claims. That's because current Senator Cory Gardner can't run on his record. They can't Defend Cory Gardner tryingto to gut people's health care. They can't defend Cory Gardner supporting tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations and Hickenlooper took sometime the flex his political muscle. I've never lost in election in this state. And I don't intend to lose this one. There's far too much at stake. Jury Bell, Kayla News radio Senator Gardener already coming out swinging ahead of the November elections. He's talked to our partners at Fox, 31 earlier this morning and brought up recent ethics issues about the former governor, John Hickenlooper wants to get in this race today and be honest about the 91 violations of this ethics that stayed at the clause that were outside of the state Constitution. That would be a good start to an open and honest that campaign gardener says he's going to continue to work for Colorado. There was a major upset in Colorado's third District, five term. Congressman Scott Tipton was beaten last dates primary by far right challenger Lauren Bo Burt, She's restaurant owner from rifle her eatery called Shooters, is known for its gun toting staff. She also made waves in recent months, refusing to close despite the statewide order amid the Corona virus pandemic. Tipton, who was endorsed by President Trump congratulated Bo Burt on her victory last night, as did Did the president, she will face Democrat Dianne Mitch Bush in the general election chat. Hoffman can await news radio to Evora. There was a special meeting of the City Council last night looking at police actions during Saturday's protests about Elijah McLane's death. A virtual meeting didn't allow for live testimony from people who were there, but written statements from people at the rally were read aloud. They were pointing guns at point blank at our bodies from very short distance, spraying us with red pepper, foam and other clear liquid and that burned excessively in our eyes and lungs. My skin and face burned over 12 hours as result of the excessive force in chemical weapons deployed by the police that police say they were responding to rocks being thrown at them by the protesters, But demonstrators say they were peacefully demonstrating Three Aurora officers are on administrative leave in connection with the Elijah McClane case. Kaylie News Radio's Chuck Clark joining us live with the latest on this Sorry, Aurora Interim Police Chief Minister Wilson sent out pre disciplinary letters to the officers allegedly at least two pictures show the cops posing inappropriately marking the manner in which Elijah MacLean was restrained by police near his memorial site. Munity activists are obviously livid and on Twitter realize his mother tweeted. I'm not surprised that these photos are showing up now because the whole department is corrupt. Wilson has promised to release the photos, the names of the officers and the full investigative files when the entire investigation is complete. She will also issue her recommendations for punishment. The officers have 72 hours to respond. Then there could be a Siri's of appeals that could take weeks or even months. As of yesterday, or a mayor Mike Coffman said He had not seen the photographs. Chuck Clark News radio back on June 18th Governor Pulis Open bars and nightclubs yesterday he closed them down again is covert 19 numbers stick up in the state. The governor says he talked with the governors of Texas and Arizona and that this is what they told him about where their huge spikes in those states came from. The bars and nightclubs have been a major source of their outbreaks. Governor Pola says he doesn't want that to happen here. With neighboring states now closing bars. We don't want Colorado to become a mecca of nightlife in the pandemic bars can still offer takeaway service and those that serve food can stay open if they follow strict guidelines. A dire warning from the nation's top infectious disease expert is, he testified. Again before Congress. With the nation notching 40,000 new cases a day, Dr Anthony found cheap warning those case numbers could easily double. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 day. If this does not turn around, and so I am very concerned. I think it's important to tell you and the American public That I'm very concerned because it could get very bad. It is bad in California's farm belt of Imperial County so overwhelmed they medevacked over 500 patients out of the county. ABC is Matt Gutman reporting VP Mike Pence will be in Arizona today. It's part of his tour of states, where Cove in 19 cases are surging pants, along with White House Corona virus. Task Force member, Dr Deborah Burkes will meet with Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who this week Has scaled back the state's reopening efforts. The vice president was in Texas and other hot spots Sunday, where he tried to assure leaders that the government is prepared to meet the challenge of rising Corona virus cases. Starting today, the Corona virus testing site at the Pepsi Center is going to shorten it's ours. City officials say. That's because of a shortage of testing kits available due to a resurgence of covert 19 In other states. The sites going to operate from a T m to noon Monday through Friday. There will be no testing this Friday through next Monday due to the upcoming holiday in the city employee furlough. So far, more than 34,000 tests have been given the sight since it opened in late May. Did 706 Coming up a new job's report out this morning and more from the Rockies. GM on the loss of Ian Desmond. Money, News and sports All ahead, But first, let's head back outside. It's pretty out. How are the roads this morning? John Morrison, They're crowded this morning. You've got the usual slowdowns..

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