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Let me give you a different be a hell of a lot. It's a great fight. Don't get me wrong. Let me give you a different pathway. I would like to see tank tape. I would like to see him find a way to get the Ryan García I'd done. If he gets that fight done, you know what I want to see him fight after that? Of course, Stevenson. That's moving up to 35 pounds. Why? Because your course Stevenson is one of these guys you don't want to fight. Oh God, here we go. So you avoid them like the plague. Of course you would. Is that good? Okay, but if you're a top dog at one 35, Shakur is a top dog at one 35. Why would you take that fight? And after Shakur, if you could find a way to win that fight, Devin Haney is going to be out there. I would go chase Devin Haney and the undisputed championship at one 35. There you go. That makes more sense. They've been hated Devin hayn has been clipped. We know how we react. You know, we've seen them rock by linares. Tank is a bigger punch of the linares. He's more explosive, and he's a naturally bigger fighter. So yeah, at this point, if tank's not fighting Garcia, there's plenty of your fighter. How much does she put on the fighter? Like, we're sitting here talking about what a great pathway it is to fight those three guys. You make them that much money. Could you make a ton of money to do in those fights? Those are pay per view. Big time fights. Your answered your own question. The money, that's why. The fact that works in promoters. No, listen to me, man. You asked me, you're giving my opinion. Look, man, we grow up from nothing. I came from east LA, a tank Davis from Baltimore. We had nothing to gangs, the drugs. When you start making 7 figures a fight, when you start making that kind of money, when you go from insufficient funds to 7 figures and he's making a lot more than I ever did, come on, man. Whatever you're doing, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And guess what? It's not broken. Mayweather promotions is moving them well. They're all getting some money off that pot. It ain't broke, don't fix it. Okay, but you then can't sit there and your promoters can't sit there and say, tank is should be on the pound for pound list. And tag me and you never include them in that pound for pound list. That's what you do. That's why me and you give a baroque so much shit because we know that they just don't call it like it is. They're not calling the spade a spade. I'm with you on that and I'm a big fan of tank. I love watching them fight. I order his pay per views because I'm a fan, but I agree with you. Thin resume at this point, almost 28 years old and you don't have a solid undefeated championship name on your resume since holiday Jose pedraza. No, man, you deserve all the criticism.

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