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The bear is new station. KCBS cloudy tonight with scattered showers. Partly sunny, mostly dry tomorrow, a few isolated showers in the afternoon though in the hills. Good evening, I'm Larry Sharoni. Here's what's happening. Police in San Francisco are investigating a shooting at the California Department corrections in the city's mission district. Police say it happened inside the building on thirteenth street just before four this afternoon. Police say one person shot another before jumping into a car and fleeing the scene the victim has been taken to the hospital with injuries that are considered life threatening. No corrections officers were involved. The suspect is still at large tonight. A body has been recovered near the location of a landslide that buried a woman at San Francisco's fort Funston last month, KCBS scholar Terry reports from the scene. The body was discovered around eight thirty Monday morning near the water not far from where a portion of a cliff collapsed on Cairo sunshine scarlet on February twenty-second scarlet was hiking with her dog and. Another woman went tons of sand and dirt came crashing down on all three the other woman and the dog were rescued. Authorities delayed the search for scarlet after she was presumed dead because of recent storms. She was only twenty two years old. This neighbor, mardi earn stir is out here often with his dog to absolutely devastating. I'm glad that it's over with. And I'm glad for family that they know exactly what happened right now. Instead of that you turn a wondering. But absolutely devastating for everybody. At such a young person. The family is planning a memorial scholarship fund to honor Kaira who they described as a beautiful spirit at fort Funston in San Francisco, Scott with Terry KCBS, and we're still awaiting positive identification of the body by forties. A four year old child was rushed to the hospital after falling off of a fourth storey, balcony and Sunnyvale the evening. It happened just about five o'clock at the Sunnyvale fairway apartments. They are on the twelve hundred block of poplar avenue. Police tell keeping x five they are on scene investigating. But no foul play seems to be involved, California. Senator. Dianne Feinstein is giving attorney general William bar one week to turn over the entire Muller reports. So the congress can come to its own conclusions about the investigation of President Trump KCBS political reported, accelerated says Republicans are warning the Democrats they could face a serious backlash from voters in two thousand twenty if they don't grasp that Mr. Trump has won this round in a letter to attorney general bar Senator Feinstein calls bars four page summary of special counsel, Robert Mueller's investigation inadequate and demands that she received the full report by next Monday. And that Barr start delivering the underlying documentation that day House Democrats are likely to convene hearings, but California's Republican National Committee, man, Sean Steele, says voters are going to start tuning the Democrats out. So they'd better watch out. Steele says President Trump is now inoculated against any further allegations, which bodes well for the GOP in twenty twenty political landscape cups numbers. Go up his credibility goes up his enemies, particularly the mainstream. Media. Much of the democrat party. They go down and this is going to do. Nice things for Trump in the future. Whatever he's accused of by anybody is going to be met with great skepticism. So this gives them a protective shield. Steele says Trump's vindication by bar lifts, the dark cloud that has enveloped Republicans, especially in California, he thinks the GOP can reclaim some of the house seats. They lost last year, and that many of those moderate independent voters in the middle who migrated to the Democrats are likely to come back to Trump seeing him as a victim, especially if Democrats continue to go after the president with nothing to show for it. Doug, sovereign KCBS group of lift drivers.

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