President Trump, Donald Fagen, Congress discussed on Rick Hamada


The words of the present not the president but the words of the president and in doing so it's anchored itself in the words of Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan beautiful speech by Donald Fagen which I've got friends all the time and and so you would have thought that that the nine approach might appeal to them but and when you say you were you surprised for you disappointed my expectations are not great but you always help us that they might do the right thing and say that that language that the president used was not listed in the th the dignity of the president's beneath the dignity of the people he was criticizing by the way we were offended that he spoke in such a way that members of Congress but were offended that he says that about people across the country all the time go back where you came from and that it by its definition those words are racism take a look in the AP and other places where they define certain words that's what that is but we rectify saying he was racist who were saying that the words that he used racist so that was as gentle as it could be considering the inappropriateness and the disgusting nature of what the president said so that we we we devote our members wanted to do and had a very strong one hundred percent it is clearly trying to cast this broader debate as a choice between him and you're more progressive members this fight has now dominated the conversation this week you've had your resolution the Democrats are rallying behind these members are you concerned the president is guilty is there any with all due respect let's not waste our time on that we're talking about what we're going to do to help the American people are caught this is unified on all the fat throughout the whole campaign and said to them that can is so even mention his name everybody knows who he is you don't have to describe them to anybody let's just talk about what we are going to do and we're going to devote the whole month of August two are for the people agenda which was successful in terms of connecting with people and their concerns it's still the cost of healthcare the technician of wages and the distrust of of of government are still loom large as concerns for the American people and that's what we're going to be about for not having him said our agenda for seven on the agenda do you have any concerns that the focus on impeachment today and the vote on the floor related to it could jeopardize Robert Miller's appearance next week no I think we'll get rid of all this right now we've done our we did our a resolution expeditiously.

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