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Haifa discussed on The No Film School Podcast


Decided to go for and you're in production i think it was um i think working on in the film sets like the best part about them if you're an actor in your own and you haven't broken and you're not on like a really cushy hbo show or whatever is that you really used to doing different tasks so i mean i l my first film that i did i mean there is only five of us in a van so i mean i had to do some basic just some basic slating here and there and wardrobe makeup and everything else so it's like seemed find me like i feel as an actor i feel like when you're on a set you should be able to do a lot of different roles and not be a big baby um so wonderful but i so i was just used to having to haifa nate multitask but of course like went doing it at present completely insane but i had a really good crew and i had really good producers and i i didn't find at that different the only difference was i wish i could i wish i could look at the monitoring because there are some shots her mike who well we'll use that one i think the the lucky part of working in indy film has at you just have to do so many things anyways so yeah lyrical now so is really a couple of things that say one was that i i was trying to do something else and i couldn't get funding to do that was the biggest by a common problem so then you know than secondly you start looking around key what's close and then as he do what's called proximity cinema whatever's closest to you and then like how can i do this as cheaply as possible that's called proximity civil rights icon of coined like i was asked that to talk about this and and so it's like a word had been using artillery like the idea of proximity cinema proc cinema praxair alah oh who's that and as a secondly was then my brother like his personality i thought was really um he could implode and he would sort of do things randomly that i felt was really good for the camera and then serve i think the box that he gets put in.

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Haifa discussed on The No Film School Podcast

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