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I read something in his his allen pope title and i read the next thing and then the next thing is allen pope something and then i read the next story allen pope and then his allen pope and then it's the game so i wanna one man crusade trying to encourage other people to buy pushing me off of various planets and rss reader. You see right. In fact andy. Smith who runs folk who very kindly host are. Vps for this podcast. He recently sent an email to the bit folk uses. Mailing missed saying our refreshed. The bit folk planet instance. Could you all start blogging again. Please let me know your our feet if nothing to drown out just planet allen yeah and about has worked actually john nice guy has started blocking a little bit more as well so actually my foolhardy plan to dominate. The world of blogging is is working because it's causing other people to stop logging as well which is good and how you finding actually keeping up a blog day. A can be tough sometimes. It just something comes to me. There's the old occasion where i'm staring at a blank page thinking we're going to write about us. I cheated a couple of times and revived an old blog post and on most of the time. I can't think of something to write. Some of them have been quite well received three or four them. Hit the front page of hacking news. One of them stayed there for twelve hours and was quite popular and loads comments. So that was quite good. That was quite satisfying. Other people. enjoy the content. So yes i enjoy is a nice creative outlet can have to same content and with that. Let's get on with the show while.

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