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Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia
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Said, you know, this country's got a lot of General Motors. You better get back in their shoes, that's Ohio and you better get back to their soon. So we have a lot of pressure on them. You have Senator do you have a lot of other big a lot of pressure? They say the Chevy Cruz is not selling. Well, I say, well, then get somebody get a car that is selling well and put it back in. Auto analysts Maryanne Keller says the automaker is moving quickly to avoid another slow speed crash. Like, the one that resulted in bankruptcy back in two thousand nine shares of United Technologies up around two percent now in late trading. That's on word of its plans to announce a three way break up in a conference call tomorrow, and we have details on that from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini. Analysts had been speculating for months. The company would separate its aviation elevator and climate controls businesses and activists investors Bill ackman, and Dan Loeb have been pushing for this as United Technologies also gets ready to close on its twenty three billion dollar acquisition of Rockwell Collins and breaking up it would be following similar moves by Dow DuPont, General Electric and Honeywell. They've also recently separated key divisions in two standalone entities. Denise pellegrini. Bloomberg daybreak Asia where you might hear is sometimes talking about how China's government steps in and props up the country's financial markets. Well, there is now word that the so-called national team sold stocks last quarter. When things got rocky more from Bloomberg's Yvonne man. Goldman Sachs says China's national team was actually a net seller of domestic equities in the quarter analysts Goldman say the team sold about fifteen billion dollars worth of Asia's as a country is onshore market lost five hundred seventy billion dollars in value. Goldman says day funds may have turned into net buyers again at the start of this quarter. China's securities regulator assured investors at the end of October that relevant institutions increase their positions after five state funds were found to have sold all their holdings of equities and bonds. Leo. Woo analysts that China Development Bank. Securities says the national team may have wanted to cut exposure in mutual funds to better allocate its ammo in Hong Kong. I'm Yvonne, man. Bloomberg daybreak Asia Ukraine's parliament has ordered the imposition of martial law in some. Area's saying it needs to defend itself from the Kremlin. Ed Baxter has global news from the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom. Ed. Yeah. Right. Brian.