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The creature in fact there was a will report out of whole in yorkshire england and seven separate eye witnesses claimed to have spotted an eight foot tall creature there was lurking in an abandoned industrial area area outside the center of hall yorkshire england showed and once again this is back to the old stories in scotland and wales it called the the wool creature old stinker and uh according to some of the legends this bad breath creature browse the yorkshire word were uh the yorkshire words at a lot of locals have seen it the lonely banks of the bombs to drain as a watershed it was built in seventy ninety eight to dry out salt marshes that's where they started seeing the creature and the use of get this they usually seeded creature in cycles and they see it around november december from november through december some say it's cramp it's that's that's another thing to say that vikram positions real and they see cramp was this horn the devil this is dog face goat phase devil a woman their claims that it was standing upright one moment in the next to his down on all fours running like a dog she said she was terrifying quickie inner shoe she claims it bounded along on all fours then stopped and reared up onto its back legs before running down the embankment towards the water it vaulted thirty feet over the other side and vantage w bank minute over a wall into some allotments couple their sought something tallin harry eating a german shepherd whatever this was it eight eight german shepherd the dog was ripped to shreds and the creature was eating the german shepherd they stop to get a closer look at saw jump in eight eight put high fence before vanishing into the night is praise still the dog parts of the dog had any legs were still in its jaws a woman walkie dog along the watercourse spotted something half manhalf dog she was terrified her pet began shaking and refused to go any further along the path now local plan aware wolf hunt with cameras recording equipment people are keeping diaries of sightings by people around the area witnesses say that when the creature transforms his upper body is more wolf than man similar to the.

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