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What was the most popular paid for last? Year once you find out you might look at everything on social media. Differently Tell you that in a minute also coming up one of our favorite thinkers with a great piece on a significant chunk, chunk of Trump's foreign policy that is extremely positive and and and ought to be because there. Are aspects. Of this administration foreign policy that have been excellent? And no matter what, you think Trump you have to admit it's true Pro-trump pre anti Trump we're, not tribal We calls him as? We see them what was. That thing you just. Read me Sean. I really liked it. This is good listen to this brilliant we'll do maybe one of the best features of the internet is how it allows you to be exposed to your own opinions are in such an obnoxious way that you feel. Like maybe you don't. Hold them anymore How great is that I had that happen When you? Say it that way I'm not sure that is what. I, want to think well I don't know if, I'd go that far but I certainly am. Uncomfortable, with the company I Right exactly. That's what I mean you think. I don't want, to, be, part of that crowd even though, that's what I think it reminds me very much Jack. Of, the time not too long ago I think, we all remember it Michael is Gladys Gladys. Geez Hey. Don't. Gel. At an old woman. Like that what's better with you you maniac are harpist Gladys her hearing oh but your tone is very harsh so it was a couple of, years ago I guess. He lived through World War One. She can handle, my, town It was. A couple of years? Ago I decided I was going to, a, aware a mustache and had begun. Growing it and was driving home from work. And and witnessed a fellow driving like a. Complete what's the term a-hole Finally caught up with. Them because I was curious and, I looked in it was a guy, with a mustache and I. Went home and I shaved really right then that's interesting, not. Going to be among the moustachioed wow that's the way they behave you couldn't wait to Shawn's quote couldn't find some guy in a mustache doing good in the world I don't see your point that person. As your mustache Ida Mustache now there's a, show Before I get to the most popular paid for apple last year that is going to change the way you. Look at the internet We? Got late. Night. Joke, off pretty obvious they all took on, the Putin Trump thing now boy is this going to make me suffer rob ably okay well I will rate each joke and comedian and the bottom vote-getter greater will be banned from comedy for life According to experts? Trump and. Putin. Had, a lot to negotiate and they're meeting, Trump says negotiators went great Putin controls New York and California exchange Trump got, three magic beans Just, having, fun with this now he's he actually offered to have his intelligence agents investigate. The hacking of our election Papa John offering to investigate who's been saying all the racist stuff Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Had a one on one meeting today that lasted over two hours poor. Trump that is a long time to hang out with your boss Oh and I'm sorry. Those were were jokes over those were words strung together in situated to laugh. At the Jimmy Fallon Kimmel see Myers see Kimmelman Myers banned for life I, think that's the first double ban So the most downloaded, app last year that people paid for Was the face tune app the headline of this article being every. Bikini photo UC is probably fake at least a little bit V most downloaded app..

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