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Any the CNN and MSNBC New York Times Washington Post CBS ABC NBC? And their ilk. Do any of the so-called reporters for any of these entities believed that John Kerry should be investigated. For colluding with the Iranians. Do they? Investigated by committees of congress. Foreign affairs and intelligence committees. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump junior. Has been brutally attacked for having a meeting with some Russians of which nothing came of it. Here. We have a former secretary of state. Under the former president United States, actually negotiating. With the former. Foreign minister. Of an enemy state. Negotiate behind the back of the existing administration. Now, what's? What's worse when it comes to the United States? What's worse when it comes to basic ethics? John Kerry, conducting a rogue farm policy. Interfering with the decisions of the current administration. Don, jR, having a meeting with some Russians of which nothing came from the meeting. He was going to perhaps get some information, which they didn't have. And we have heard all along on and on and on Don jR, Don, jR, this Don jR, that poor poor Don, jR, I'll tell you what? There is colluding with the Russian fair. He's colluding. He ought to be indicted indicted for what meanwhile, they John Kerry big dumb. John Kerry who already sold out the country with the Iran deal. Circling back. Think I had two or three meetings while you told Hugh Hewitt it was three or four who can count. Who can count. Was it two meetings three meetings for their their Mr. Molly, you can investigate him. Get him for perjury and false statements. These people are never investigated. They never have criminal statutes over overhanging them ever. So here we have a meeting one two three at least four who the hell knows how many between John Kerry and a surrogate for the Iranian. Islam Nazi regime. A sworn enemy of the United States that wants to build nuclear warheads and hit our cities. That's an Iranian lawyer. And. Nothing. Zip up. It's absolutely incredible. It's like. Joe Biden's, son? And I think it's John Kerry's stepson. Uh-huh. Doing all kinds of business with. The communist government of China. Nobody cares. Nobody blinks an eye. Oh, Joe Joe Biden, he should be the next nominee for the democrat party for president the United States. The only guy dumber than Kerry is Joe Biden. Rome. Fall a stupid. Oh, that's okay. No problem leash. It's not the Russians. And I take a back seat to nobody on Vladimir Putin and the Russians and the threat they pose for this country, and they do. Which is what makes this? So crazy. Logan act Logan. Logan act. No big deal. Mike flynn. Yeah. Get on with the Logan. Don, jR, has a. Turns out to be a pointless meeting with a few Russians Kettani had meetings with Russia all look at that meetings but Russians as if he agreed to give twenty percent. Of our uranium control over our uranium to Putin. Oh, no. That's Hillary up. Forget it. Shh. Hush hush. So John Kerry, undermining the current secretary of state. John Kerry, undermine the president of the United States. Directly repeatedly. Negotiate with the Iranian caught red-handed so to speak. Stupidly confessing. Anybody care. Right back. You guys have heard me talk about a product for months that has changed my sleeping habits. And it's called my pillow. Folks used to wake up sore from head to toe.

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