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Sunshine this afternoon, but still brisk in very cold high Twenty-one, clear, cold low eleven tonight, then sunshine, but cold high twenty-six tomorrow, partly sunny, high twenty four on Sunday with your AccuWeather forecast. I'm Heather zehr on NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG wine. Nineteen degrees, sunny skies, it NewsRadio. Eight ten and one or three one WG Y. Our top story. Wisconsin police are giving more details about the discovery of thirteen year old Jamie Kloss went missing in October. When her parents were found shot to death, Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald made an emotional announcement this morning last night. Our collective promise. The promise was fulfilled. What Jamie safe recovery? Thank you to all Barron county sheriff FitzGerald believes Jamie was the only target in the murder and kidnapping now. Arrested Jake Thomas, Paterson J Patterson hadn't zero criminal history. Locally and zero Colonel. History and state of Wisconsin Patterson's been charged with two counts of first degree homicide and kidnapping, Jamie clause has received medical attention. And she is now safe and recovering with family members. Governor Cuomo will lay out his fiscal plan at the Empire State plaza on Tuesday. The governor says his budget address will also serve as this year state of the state address his expected to detail proposals to legalize marijuana codify abortion rights cracked down on government, corruption and expand gun control laws. The budget has to be passed by March thirty first and other recreational marijuana store is open in Massachusetts. This one is the first one located close to the New York. Border theory wellness is adding a recreational marijuana store in great Barrington where it already had a medical marijuana business. While anyone over the age of twenty one Kim by marijuana in Massachusetts. It is still illegal to bring it to New York. A group representing some health officials is becoming vocal in their opposition against league. Asian recreational marijuana for New York state. The director for the New York association of county health official says that in other states where weed is legal traffic deaths and emergency room visits have increased significantly UK startup has tool that will help streaming platforms sniff out users who are sharing their passwords. So that others can.

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