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He was hired in december didn't make a he made that he made spring game you didn't make the the actual first game so who did he replied what is it the cia now he replacement dennis francioni and ran only that's right i mean that when when the price was fired mike shula ended up getting the job okay all right one quick question do you know the kid from the florida of uh they call him the voice of the get yours yeah i i i've ever met mic i think i had met him he's very well thought of yep i went to high school grade school with the kid nature i haven't talked to him a long time i didn't know if you've ever have him on the show would yeah we know we have the he he is a he's got the legendary reputation down there yep they really liking i pretty sure it can't get somebody else on a good good to hear from your wall thanks legs ball i'll grant that right to hear from you bill is up next hey bill good afternoon good afternoon paul phoned bone hey there how you doing we're doing great oh you know harvard continues to make nick save and look great with these bones had hours they do and uh and i'll give you an example the hiring of they think that cattle know nothing about football well but in the know let me say this uh athletic directors' our our our our business or business people there hired to run the operation they're not hired to coach football.

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