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You'll win a big time prize that's coming up. We have news after these communications, it's David Hochberg. If you're looking to re arrange your finances after your spouse's death, you need to call Team Hochberg, your trusted local lender, Dora 78, loaded with debt and barely making it off her Social Security and deceased husband's pension. Doris's husband handle their finances, and she was overwhelmed. So she called Team Hochberg for free consultation. We helped ours, pay off her debt with the cash out, refinance, afford renovations to make her home safer to live alone and reduced her payments over $800 a month. Let's review before calling. Doris was stressed and struggling to pay her bills. After calling Doris was debt free, made modifications to safely live in her home and save over $9000 a year. Team hacker yourself thousands of WGN listeners like Doris rearrange their financial furniture after the death of their spouse, But we can't help if you don't call 85556 David or visit 56 david dot com Tune into homes, You know I'm Chicago host by me Saturday mornings after how smart at 10 Homesite financially closing winner Unless 1124 or 61 Have you been sliding around the road this week, thinking it's time to upgrade the all wheel drive. Well, look no further than the Chevy Equal Max with They're perfect for winter weather driving, and there's no better place to shop for a new Chevy Equinox, an Apple Chevrolet. They have the area's number one largest inventory of Chevy equinoxes models with more than 120 Chevy equinoxes on the lot that they have to unload their 20 twenties now so exist TV's They're priced to sell. Here's one Annapolis chevy dot com, A new 2020 equinox lt with a stylish cayenne orange exterior, It's on sale for under 25,000. That's more than $6600 in savings, Big money and you'll love your car buying experience an apple Chevy. We promise you that start your search and apple chevy dot com type equinox in the search bar, and you'll see all their available inventory. Then you can schedule an at home test drive. It all starts an apple. Chevy dot com apple chevy dot com Find new roads It's nine degrees at 8 30. Good morning. I'm Steve Organics. The news is sponsored by Lindemann, Chimney heating.

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