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About Armando Omar does senior was there with their models Mauve so as a little like they were sitting down having a meal together in our Mondo, get super emotional and he's. He's basically telling his parents about how painful this has been not being able to be honest, not having not feeling like they would accept him if he told them that he was gay, and he's in a relationship with a new partner and he's crying I'm I was? Was I was crying, and it was so heartbreaking to see, and then see his mom and her reaction immediately ran over to them, said I'm your mother. Of course. How could you ever think that I wouldn't love you? It was such a sweet moment. Even his dad, you know held his hand is that we're always gonNA, love you, and then goes right from being so heart warming and tear jerking to sat in another way because he expresses the fact that him and Kenny Kenny are going to move in together and they're gonNA, move away and try to start life. And while his mom seems like she's a little more on board with it. His Dad definitely says he needs more time. Yeah, well and that I guess is still better than absolutely what? The reaction's could have been but I you. You can tell that is not. That was not scripted that he wasn't acting. That was a genuine authentic seen in. That's what we love about the show. When we get to see those moments of people facing something that's that's probably pretty terrifying, and you know, and we've seen it a couple times on the show when Erica sat down with her parents, and even when Stephanie told her mom and those are the things that ninety day fiance gets right I feel like. So I did think when Armand does. Dad said as parents..

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