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For the first time says they reached that milestone today. It also says hospitalizations have fallen below 300 for the first time since the end of March, and Maryland is now working on how that vaccine that covert 19 vaccine would be handed out once it becomes available. The health secretary in the state also bracing for the flu season, Maryland Secretary of Health Robert Neal told lawmakers in Annapolis there could be a bump in the States Cove in 19 numbers. I'm going to be holding my breath until the first of October, so we see what Labor Day weekend has cost us there was a bump up after the Fourth of July weekend. Neal also told the Joint Covert 19 legislative work group that the flu season could complicate the state's efforts on covert 19 and that Maryland's preparing for a possible surge that could be more serious than what the state experienced in the spring campaign to urge people to get their flu shots and to wear masks is also part of the preparation. Hey, Brian. W T o P news and some interesting numbers concerning covert and people in northern Virginia one and 23 testing positive for covert 19 antibodies. Now, the health department, saying about 4.4% of adult Northern Virginia residents have evidence of a prior covered 19 infection. Research is based on results of studies that were conducted over the summer. Virginia's rate was the highest of any region in the state. At that time. At one point, northern Virginia accounted for nearly 60% of total Corona virus cases statewide, but that has fallen to 35% now. We're hearing horror stories from people who are fighting to get unemployment benefits in the district. A steady stream of residents told their stories of frustration at a D. C. Unemployment, public oversight hearing. I have life unemployment benefit. On March, 28 rubber. Duker was laid off from his job at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. This spring. He was approved for unemployment, but I still have not received any payment at all. Talky Edison did get a few payments in April and May. Then they stopped and she says, finding out why has been impossible. One week I tried colon feel. Yes. Each day I was on hold. From nine AM all the way through until no. One is dozens of similar stories filled hours of the hearing, while the director of the District Department of Employment Services had been scheduled to testify. Her appearance has been rescheduled to the end of the month. Michelle Morello w T. O P. News. It's not unique to DC but the city is having issues with covert 19 contact tracing Some people who test positive aren't sharing needed information. There's.

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