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Seventy seventy six i on i i do think she says no she wants to give the a six baht if they develop an effective male sex pont to her daughter as a college graduation president she says preferably one who can do the dishes and guard the door so is she giving up on her daughter having a meaningful relationship with say a husband she says and yes i do think women could get spoiled by dashing men bots their standards might go up they might even be lost to the dating pool together like what's already happened with some japanese men a she's talking about jemis men who use machines would that be such a bad thing in the hashtag me to wage i feel like raising standards is quite reasonable it's called in fact make the men compete it's the dating equivalent of having free state colleges lower tuition rates everywhere um i think it's silly because one of the things that this piece does it ignores the fundamental difference between men and women and attitudes toward sexuality and it's not true of every man is not true of every woman but it is generally true and it's one of those differences that is very core the old stereotype is that men will use intimacy in order to get sex and women will use sex in order to get intimacy the whether that is true in every case and no it's not true in every case obviously however i i do think that women as in general are more likely to require the kind of emotional connection sometimes romantic connection even spiritual connection that machines are going to find a very tough to provide is it more common for men to uh look for more simplistic satisfactions well you know the answer that question if you're a man uh let's go and probably if you're a woman let's go to ryan in bellevue washington one eight hundred nine five.

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