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You know, it isn't like a road trip where you just go. You know, I'll just drive a little of Dr later into the night, and I'll get there are all drive faster. And I'll get there not. There's none of that. Have you I've ever been through it? You know, like the thirty foot waves the big storm. Have you ever felt very alone in the middle of a crisis on the water? We had two instances where we have some equipment failure. And it was very anxiety producing. And the problem is is that it laugh for days. You know, people would ask me, my friends, I'd say, especially my acting friends. I said, hey, we all know how it feels to to have an opening night where you're not quite as prepared as you would like to be. And you know, there's a lot on on the table here and your heart is. Sort of up your throat. Well, imagine that for four or five days. So we had one experience like that and three other experiences, but we we took care of it. We just took care of it. And, but, you know, listen, there are people who sail in very very dangerous waters. And generally, if you sail these sort of milk run routes during the you know in the middle of the period that you are supposed to be there, though, the weather can get a little like, ooh like that. But it's never going to get the survival level. And I have not experienced that. Now, you feel the need to get away. I mean is this a way to plug from all the insanity in the world. Is there any of that going on a yes, I I mean, I travel a lot. I have to say that with ones, you know, phone doesn't matter where you are. You can be reading the news, and we are. Big news junkies. And we know what's going on. And there are times that you know, I will say to my wife or or just say to myself gotta stop kinda stop just not you know, we can't be on this as much as we are. Because it's I don't think it's healthy, frankly after while, it's balanced hard for you. I mean, are you one of those all in kind of people? Yes, I'm a project prison. So one of my sons who works for a large company. Call the US government said, you know, the dad we came out of we grew up in you know, you and mama project people, and he just can't have that type of twenty four seven when you work like I do. Now, we you have to learn how to to stop. But we are definitely project people. I I'm I'm working on a project now that I know that I thought I was going to be able to get at a month ago something came up and now I am. Working simply I get up. I have something to eat. I sit down on my desk, and I start my writing, and I'm have to write this play the next two weeks. So is it's something you can talk about or is it all under the under wraps right now. Sure. It's it is about this the subject, which I find to be really fascinating on gonna give you the long version of it. And that is maybe ten years ago. I went on the road with the trial transcripts of the scopes monkey trial and at as Nur played William Jennings. Ryan, and I played there. And we went around the country. And you know, I thought at the time it was sort of a, you know, I recognize that this is sort of a marquee trial. Not sort of it is a marquee trial and the and evolution is key. How kind of you know, in that kind of controversial area. But I had no idea. I. Has simply had no idea. How current it is? And how I was going to get caught up in the whole issue. And so we we had a I had a number of experiences when I went when I spoke in colleges and spoke to people and then mostly a lot of after the show. We would have a talkback which is where the audience gets to pass questions, and we got to respond, and what have you, and it really sent me off on this whole issue of how religion has got..

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