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Stocks shopping, bad weather conversation, less were more harshly pets family times. Better life. Life information station every facet of life. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I. Through February fifteenth joined planet fitness for just twenty five cents down. Ten bucks a month planet, fitness Amish Shokhin, Texas is celebrating their anniversary during the builders sales event. Enjoy huge savings of up to twenty percents on the largest selection of beautiful handcrafted Amish furniture for every room in your home Amish Texas furniture built to last a lifetime. One third of all traffic density, US or caused by drunk driver. Thomas J Henry has significant experience in handling auto accident cases involving drunk driving one zero six five six one dollars. Let's go to Kim's gun. Chaz San Antonio take a break from the radio and condoms gun show this weekend dance knives. Anna coins ambulatory collectible Saturday nine to five Sunday ten to four at the Austin highway vents center Kim's gun show third weekend every month. Y'all come you? Hear my new car has a lifetime warranty. I have left enroll tight assistance to is the place to twenty nine hundred Kia. Optima LX for only one ninety nine a month. Lease a twenty nine hundred Sorrento LX for two twenty nine a month. I love the friendly personnel service. I found the car that feed my budget their warranty, it really made a difference shop online or visit any work or Kia store who San Antonio. Lifetime warranties. Longtime four-car for a lifetime. Credit? Call eight six six six seven two two seven to one for details. I'm Sean call him real.

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