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Amber people's personal data and privacy will come in. It's not a question of the debate. It's a question of how do you do it. And they're you need to find a fine balance where you're able to take care of business interests as roma's able to respect the laws that exist and in my opinion very soon we will also have some laws. In addition to the guidance we have so further. make sure that framework and in the balance sounds reasonable. Yeah and now. We often talk about gdp as the legislation or one of the legislation especially in europe for data-protection. How is the legislation. Space around artificial intelligence are the a lot of legislation. Are we all in guidance. Space on this a good question because spend the day on this that said alternative shorts It's a it's a fragmented landscape you could say so obviously the rise of systems you know there's been a rise in ethical and human rights based frameworks in recent years to guide how you develop in use technologies so far it's been mainly about developing principled so values and principles would like to see implemented But for now there isn't really you could say a specific legislation. There's a race to legislation on because countries want to be able to be the first to create the rules to value reflecting and in particular. The u wants to become the first region to develop a dedicated rulebook for a. I and there are initiatives that are well on the way they're still Discussion going on will likely see progress this year. And then you have. The oecd. The global partnership on the the council of europe so many international intergovernmental organizations many many countries including the us in china which we also do get in the book. They've developed or are about to table their own part of the of the homework. There's an interesting study but the berkman klein center and you can visualize thirty six frameworks and it shows. There is growing consensus around some trends So privacy is one safety and security fairness of human control promotion of human values in professional responsibility end..

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