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Federal court appearances on Monday, they were among the fifty accused of taking part in the United States largest ever, college, admissions bribery, scandal experts say that rich and powerful parents nowadays, a frequently paying big bucks. Either to have someone cheat on their children's school exams. Auto pay off sports coaches to accept their kids on the teams even though they had zero athletic skill. The case this month, which allegedly involves high profile TV actresses has cast a spotlight on the ease with which colleges are taking cash for placements. Here are the sorts of some current students at Georgetown University in Washington DC unsettling to hear that some people had parents who were willing to basically pay their lands really just a reaffirmation of what a lot of people. Here are kind of already know it's outrageous because college application process should be based on being a black woman at Georgetown University had to work, very hard. Here's the actual application process is very expensive to college was really difficult for me. I was captain of my soccer and basketball varsity team, I was working forty hour work weeks, especially over the summers to help fund education as well as my family. I think I had a lot of advantages. I think I was able to play club sports because my parents could pay for it. And knowing that the school knows my family that my parents know, all go here. Positions on the alumni board. I worked hard, but. In the end had a step up over people who don't have next. So it's something that I have to think about and I feel like I need to prove every day that I am worthy of the EPA school. George Tan student there acknowledging.

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