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We had. We broke temperature record from nineteen o three warming. It was colder than it's ever been since nineteen o through so yeah it was well. I wanna talk. I wanted to emphasize this a little bit. You know what the story is on the energy thing because you know. Co the utility. Where i remember him losing his job and retiring and no no keep my golden parachute. I'm a good guy. And i'm ever so sorry de la and i'm going you know. Texas wasn't ready for who's really to blame. That crap happens or they're using this for political gain in some way what's going on. I think it's for political gain. I think there's no way that any of us predicted this. I mean you know that you know in another one hundred thousand years of major meteor's going to hit the world you'd have darkened the skies for one but probably not going to be this week and so yes. The cold temperature will context is again probably in another thirty years after a long gun. But i mean there are just some things you just don't plan for. Why would you. I mean when you're in minnesota you know rap all the pipes in thermal protective pajamas. Because it could freeze and will every year here in texas. We're not prepared for that kind of stuff. O'hare airport has more snow removal equipment than most cities. And so you. I don't think that it's fair to blame anybody for something that happens. Like once every hundred years It's not their fault. But i think that a lot of the blame game anything bad happens. There can't be michael. Can't be responsible for myself. I gotta i gotta find somebody that nailed to a cross and so i think that's what's going on. Well the the idea. That biden had something to do with. You don't get energy or there's little conspiracy that was going on about how texas i was busy surviving. The we wanted to talk a little bit about your constitutional class that you have going on. And i know when things get bad like this. We've known each other long enough. There's always some constitutional crisis of something and then they see that they don't have anything and it's what started me in the late eighties to become an activist. I'm going on things going long story and i'm going what is deal was go. Read the deal so you did. Decoration dependence the constitution. The bill of rights. There's then you go well. They're breaking the deal. They want me to be you know. Serve this thing. And it's a contract has two sides. They're not doing their part but they're going to make me do mine freaking pay him. You know what. I'm going lions sacks i mean you know so then michael he gives you know classes throughout the time that we've known each other over the decades you do presentation or as part of your campaign for libertarian nomination for president and four that's how you funded a lot of you're traveling and so on since then you've written book you know it's just it's it's all of a sudden people now get the interest and we're gonna find out if they want to learn what the deal really years and the history of and so on michael bednarik do that. Now you go to bed merrick. Ad a r i k. Bad naric be in a r k dot org and you're gonna do an online class on april nineteenth all. Don't think i didn't notice what see so april nineteenth. Which is what dance monday. So it'd be online and you can get the full sky. I've been to it before it if you wanna know what's up with the constitution michael and the thing is is that it comes down to. I guess now when it gets really bad is when you really need. Oh no right. Here's biden saying on the second. No rights absolute the constitution. Amendments are absolute. You know it's not absolute. We could change it. When it's bad i go hell. That's when you need it. That was the whole point. You know this. This whole thing is so upside down. So what kind of interest are you getting on it. Why did you decide to do it now. Well i've decided to do it because everybody's telling me. Oh my gosh we need to do something you know. The constitution the constitution like okay. I mean i've got the information. But i can't buy have water. I can't force people to drink. I'm making the information available if you go to my website. Bednarik dot org under services. There's a zoom presentation on the constitution. It will be monday through friday two hours a night from seven to nine. Pm central time damp and that'll be ten hours and will will run through. I'll answer questions. And like you said you and i had similar it might. They're not following the rules. Most of what. The government does is unconstitutional and people go. Well that's just you know. Hyperbole bednarik is just exaggerating. No no motion of what. The government does is unconscious when i give to the ranger. If you're good hope. Wait until article in the bring. Now you wanna talk about. We'll get we'll get i. Don't give away the whole class. But we'll we'll be pippa here. We come back. Michael fat derek. Good friend to liberties hip friend to friend to you. You know that at some point in near wife an emergency is going to happen. You just don't know when you could call the government in. Maybe they'll help or they might shoot your dog. Why call potentially psychopathic strangers. When you could ask your friends family or neighbors for help sell four one. One st centralized emergency response possible and it's free visit get sell four one one dot com or download sell foreman one from your favorite app store. Get self four. One one dot com. 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