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To see. The game is city guys. England knows andorra people say On easter post to say with oj. Respects the code. But what is that like leading says. There's no easy game in the national football. I i just don't like return because it's never easy for a while. Look dora look how long it took us trying to break them down. They defended resolutely. Done really. well it's not easy when you're playing and everybody's expecting you to him. Of course costa going to get tired and then to call it should come. Fruit is never. It's never easy. But like i was really gutted for patrick i did you see his face. The penalty happens typical. Were not going to happen. And i remember when when. I when i in like a raise view in you know what don and it was really really brilliant. Because he's such a such a clever and astute guy you know he thinks about what he says he's so Choon everything and he says honestly the crispness of americaines finishing something you cannot not know his lean training so it'll take away from it. I remember when i go into the england squad. First time it was. it was linney. Kern bonds modern lineker's finishing right was it was just like i eat doesn't mason. He doesn't miss. He doesn't miss the cody goalkeeper to save every time. And that's what he was saying. Same thing when. I went with sharing sharing sharing them of foul everybody. It don't miss and so for him to watch the have that week playing against andorra and not being able to finish so's he can get that gold and cement because wherever wherever wherever people say you'll judged by the goals you score for england you are judged by the golden gopher england because people say yeah didn't go. He hasn't scored yet. The amount of runs that guy was making yesterday and not get into ball. You're out of time. He should have been given the board. It just made me realize exactly what happened to me. It happens see. When you're the new guy you'll running about. Better take you off like seventy minutes. Main guard comes on and scores. The goal tremendous though. I think his performance. I thought we played well. It wasn't one of those. Where yet like anyhow is or anything. It's gonna take a while to jalen also. I don't think that this is the kind of personnel. That will be around him when he plays he was kind of a. You know a very random group together was a. It was eleven. Change a lot changes. Say that's hard. I hope that is seen enough. And that's i said yesterday. I said probably seen enough. You know a gold would have talked on his birthday. Maybe yes he's birthday cycles berthy and so i'm just thinking i would love for him to have just to finish off guys being a lot of shit and so when he got his chance right i think is maybe close to me. 'cause he's down a little bit of stuff. Mk dunn's but i just wanted him to get that gold and just consuming melillo bit because he's gonna have to continue to school in the to get into that scored because you got. Tommy is in italy. Looks like he's ready to roll and so he's gonna need to have the kinda season he had lost last season to continue to get into that scored. And that's why i worry for goals do that. Even you started season twelve. Put him on mentally team. You'll get hokey opportunities -tunities but it's just it's just the rhythm is just the rhythm you need to get into rhythm and if you're being called as well to being the team and you've had to start slow. Starts this season. you'll know in that. You know in that sweet spot where everything is so easy. I mean right to. You'll know this more than anyone. You know that that comfortableness where everything is just falling into place and you don't have to work so hard because you start chasing it and you don't want again to the head space. We a chasing hookers scoring go. I'll i'll get called up for england and i'm scoring goals. He goes to england he. Don't get on the bench or you play a game. You don't score and then go back and you're you're kind of be affected by the didn't skull and you feel a little bit apprehensive about yourself. I got a lot of negative like energy. When i came back from england. 'cause i thought it was games when i was going into the games scored enough goals. I might get a time sign. But you're on the bench a kind of accepted that i'm probably going to be on the bench for england but a certain times where people one playing well. It was an opportunity where you could have may be starting birth. He didn't get it. And it kinda deflates you a bit. So he like you say he's starting to season start the season on fire but then this will be like taking off a really wanted to score with dr south guys. That you've got a manager who's so is cleared up to what he's doing.

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