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Recording this post NHL creed deadline Friday night, so we're aptly calling this our special NHL trade deadline recap episode, ray Ferraro, comfortably in his hotel room in Boston, spent the day, right? With lucky it did some cameo work with TSN, but the majority of the day it is, man. By the way, that brings us up. Our brings this up, I tweeted about it 'cause I just saw it one of your ESPN colleagues. Isn't she funny? 8. Well, the only reason I found it amusing is because you and I are essentially the same height, right? I mean, I might have achieved under 6 feet. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Anyway, for anyone who hasn't seen it, Alvin look, I mean, there you are, sitting comfortably, you know, minding your own business, but your feet are like dangling in the air because they don't quite get all the way down, and I mean, that happens to me often and happen to me for most of the day behind the desk mind use. So nobody would rudely take a video in the fashion at age 8, but good fun with that you guys were having some laughs. Well, the funny part about that is AG was at home. She picked that up off the TV. And that's even better. Oh yeah, she's and she's also like seriously, she's three to four inches taller than me and so she can make any joke she wants and I got nothing. What I saw, I was like, oh, now I got to get to work. I got to get back somehow. I was excellent work, but it was fun. It was fun. And look, we're going to investigate some of the NHL trade stories, not just deadline day being Friday here, but the last couple of weeks, you know, the lead up to. And I mean, it was circus chaotic. But first of all, and we're going to talk to Chris Abbott a little bit about the trade deadline and how this might impact the Stanley Cup favorites from botany coming up as well. You know, I'm sitting in studio and there are a mass of people around us, of course, studio 6 at TSN and you're joining us from ESPN. And it dawned on me as I'm watching all of the shenanigans go on like, you know what? Maybe we maybe were finally getting this. So there were 21 NHL trades today. I mean, there were 40 plus leading into the day, but if you don't have the entertainment factor, I mean, of course you need the breaking news and you need the analysis in the opinion, but I think sports fans just demand a little bit more too, right? And I mean, you got that in your analysis and your time at ESPN today, and I'm looking at it again at all the craziness going on in TSN studio 6 and going, I mean, I think I'd be entertained by this if I were watching from home because you can't always rely on the blockbusters because today we're in any blockbusters. No, and that you go to your TV for two reasons. For news and for entertainment. Yeah, right? There's no other reason to go and watch television. So if there is no news, there better be entertainment. That's really it. So I think there was a time when we always expected more to happen on that day.

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