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For specter of rabin we've seen fathers lose it many times by what it would have been if the wife had been more active with her husband and getting revenge or it had been her story i don't know a twist a novelty i just didn't feel like this movie had anything new to offer but i think it had stuff new to offer over the other ones it felt more down to earth and less action movie other than yes perhaps the first death which where he didn't even find jeff goldblum but all the others are just so over the top i figure overtone the drama of death substance i disagree i enjoyed the drama far more than you did i would never equate it with a lifetime movie but that is it for deathwish retrospective series no deathwish reboot that's been pushed a march yes they move movie in game two next year but yeah there's a big movie we still need to do before we get to the end of the year star wars in two weeks what would be a good leadup to it well how about another sifi classic one that had been requested by one of our generous donors yes well monk ease our first terry gilliam review classic maybe a cult classic the people who love it are hardcore levers of that film i feel i don't know how wide that love is they made a tv series out of it it's in the i am deby top two hundred and fifty movies i'd has grown in a steam since i saw it back in theaters had been a long time since i'd seen the movie but arne you and i and a new host for going to be talking about it next week yes matt is joining us because our book is available right now in book form the printed books coming soon it is a great last minute christmas gift if you are shopping for a loved one and matt was one of our kickstarter backers the only one to choose the reward of coming on the show to host a movie with us of his choosing so if you want to read that book with a hundred and twentyfive reviews you could order it and the audio booknow playing podcastscomforwardbloke and then you're us next week as matt joins us to talk twelve monkeys also speaking of supporting the show.

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