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Anything that's on your mind. You wanna get off. Didn't hit me. You didn't tell me that was not thinking about my thoughts. I could get myself in a lot down her down the road i'd like i talk about. Fbi investigation and and what's going on in racing and cleaning up two games timmy. Yeah i wasn't ready for this. It can be positive. It doesn't have to be a controversial statement about this. I'm going to be wearing a different hat two weeks. I'm gonna go work for parts racing for the pennsylvania derby and it's actually something i really liked to do i i did it the preakness doing it i did. I did it for the jackie club. I'm going to be doing it for the parx racing and doing their notes steam. Dale has a horse down. I enjoy going there. I don't think i'll be there this timmy. I would like to say you know. Tim good friend and he's a. He's great for horse racing. Anybody who has read his stuff needs to go back and research read some articles. He's put out there. He's a great advocate for our sport. And i'm glad to be doing this with you. Send you a check now. Do really for parking your golf cart all summer for compliment you take. We take care of his golf cart born at saratoga all summer do they do that. Surprise you. yeah that's a couple years now. At least three. Yeah but we missed going dinner this year. So i'll catch you later. We'll get we'll get done guys will appreciate it this morning i asked. The answer is officially often running. And i can tell you. It's going to be fantastic every week. It will continue to get better and better. Dale appreciate it. Timmy appreciate it. Thank you all right guys. I asked they answer del. Romans and tim woking great insight there you think about those two guys and what they bring to the table every week and again. This was the first one folks. This is going to get better and better and better. I am just fired up for these segments. Make sure you join us ten thirty eastern right here on the equine forum. Every single saturday morning for i ask they answer and if you missed it if you're just joining us now in you missed it you're catching the tail end head to our website.

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