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A wp r o so we use the to do this thing last night he was lascaux dougie that we started the pendant of phrase of the show in the age of eighty interesting phrase to you ought to be repeated last we give you remember was in this day and age and stanage in this dated though he's what i'm thinking for this show i'm thinking what's the big idea i hope he's like at what's on what it's very 1940s by the way the bigger your big idea did this oh i think will listen to that excuse me alot of allpoints bulletin out there right now for speaker mattiello this is day seven we've we've offered him a toaster on i'm looking at the toast right now it's absolutely beautiful it's the john laughlin show toaster and it hasn't removable crump trey and i dunno if here's staff were aware that but you know when you make big goals or toaster whatever in the crumbs kind of fall down in the bottom of the toaster can be quite a hazard again could be a fire has to be all kinds of dangerous things this actually has he removal from trai would you can slide out in dispose of the crumbs improperly recycle them whatever you you have to do as way as material whatever and then put the crump trade back again and it's all nascent clean the catch new crumbs as they fall down the other thing i don't know if the speaker's office was aware of this but the wires in the agassi calm the wires the little wires inside the toaster the heat up in a new kind of columbia they gloat bigler they'd been reconfigured coils coils perhaps you you the recotor figured it's great having days i like ever source for red it's the so they been reconfigured so that when they they cook the toast again recalled cooking toast post the toast the they'd been reconfigure of my face is an image of my faith that the coakes onto the bread which is kind of a nice thing to have an end allan fung who has is a proud man died with the toaster what pointed out to.

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