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NYT, put it beside the net. The tape's who pulled it fired and it hit Leonard deflected over the net. I thought that had deflected into the back of the net. We got no signal from the referee, but apparently the Puckett deflected. Why Back in the Hawks. No now plucked deflected away by taste a cuckoo head to center ice up the left wing Did it break it? He'll float one off the end boards in the Vegas zone back to get Alec Martinez, who came over in a trade. With the L. A Kings Martino, 12 cups with Ella years came back into the Vegas zone to the right circle, stopping along the half board tried to flip it in front. That hit Theodore Golden Knights get the puck back. They come to center, led by Carlson Carlson on the right wing at center ice sticks to cut down the boards and behind the hawk net, but he's checked by the Han The puck pops out to the brink it inside the hot line to Patrick Kane at center ice on the right wing. You'll stick the puck off the boards and down behind the biggest net stone grabs it there. Winds it around the right side to patch already just inside the Vegas blue line, and you'll put the fun back down to the corner. Theodore spun it around, but it's kept in by Kirby docked at the right point, Hawkins He sent it to the right wing corner and intended for Drake Ula. Both quest takes it back now. The right point fires a wrist shot. That's why good jeweler with the puck now along the left wing boards, Vegas zone Who looked like he was pulled off of it, thereby patch already, buck slips out to center ice taken back by the Hawks. And it spun down into the Vegas owned by Bo Quiz Behind the Net. Strong's Got it to both quit right point Keith left point. To Alex Knee lander along the left wing boards into the point. He fires the puck in the net. Stop with the skate of Martinez, who then kicks the puck to a stick and backhands the puck through the air into the Hawkins teeth with a quick pass up ice jeweler over too strong with a shot from the right circle scrambling save made by Lennar. And did that hit him in the mask? What? See, they've blown the whistle here and Leonard, who is down on his knees in the goal, crease, waving at the Vegas bench, I believe a strap has come loose. Yeah, he boy he fell awkwardly moving over to his left on that shot. Something was wrong with his skate because he didn't escape blade was gone. No losses. Skate blade and he was trying was he was tending goal with one blade. You can see it is he's going off the Isis skate blade is gone. Wow. That was a golden opportunity for the Hawks, and you could see him. He's on one leg.

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