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Hamas to causing for her hummus lewis davitti wjr news time five thirty five much of the area around london bridge remains cordonedoff following saturday night's deadly knife attack left seven people dead dozens others wounded and authorities are surge a neighborhood near the home of two of the three disease attackers hours after police say they freed everyone who had been detained following the attack meantime a minute of silence has been observed for the victims as that investigation continues what's coming to light is the possibility that one of the accused in the london bridge dj bombing a terrorist attack we should say was influenced by a dearborn cleric who is popular with isis mara and that live now with deputy deputy jays charlie lengthened morning petty that clarke as ahmad mussa gebriel he's from dearborn he was named by a friend of the suspect in the london bridge terror attack that killed seven injured forty eight people saturday night the friend said that the suspect watched roles videos on youtube which authorities say contributed to him becoming radicalised that suspect was killed by british police after the incident his name is not being released a london telegraphed described djibril as the infamous american hate preacher and other media outlets dubbed him cheerleader for evil gebriel spent six and a half years in american federal prison convicted of forty two counts of fraud he was released in two thousand twelve and all government monitoring of him ended in march two thousand fifteen reporting live charlie langton w j newsradio nine fifty we are going to hit the roadways check goes out for you your morning commute analytica the forecast as well traffic and weather together a coming up next and his ear i fish father's day the data see thanks to the most imortant guy in the world this year get him what he really wants at kabila's father's day sale get.

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