Nuclear Weapons, Asia, North Korea discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


North koreas new into the got is not that easy schedule into nuclear missile facilitator tunnel deep inside of mountain of and they are hidden it is possible to replicate them with anything less than nuclear weapons so this is why this just maybe this curious scenario of your lifetime of mine morris are starter by accidental domino effect gonna technically a quick topple the biggest a domino in asia trying to if we attacked north korea we need to do it in cooperation with trying to other words or attack could result in a counter attack from a chinese who had a nuclear weapon what had to matter down ballistic missiles for fifty years the how we make sure that pitcher coto texas not occur staff one we exactly what donald trump is doing this week meet which owners had even thing but here is the real quick in goal trump's negotiations with kind he can have an ace up his sleeve if only he knows about it in july two thousand and sixteen control on with on a happy about china's work with us slow north koreas development of nuclear weapons at north korean dictator called trying up on a did tested and a me in a letter life shin and hold on the north korean people to harsh china with the force of a nuclear store yeah may have man of north korea kim jong un's actually threaten trying to his protector and is that allies with a nuclear store in other words just eight months ago un threaten turned with the very same newk you've been universe this truth group so but the vic and that he wants to aim at american titties which means that north korea's nuclear be just as dangerous to china as they are the united states not to mention to south korean japan so china if if trump knows about this and play if this right trying to might have a very good reason to join with us in a pre emptive military strike throughout a kate north korea smith for a nuclear program only donald trump.

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